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Welcome to the Supporting Page for The Printed Edition
of The Valley Diary

The Main business of what we do here is getting out the Printed Edition of The Valley Diary for local people to know what's going on, events, reports, activities and meetings. As a bonus for visitors or others with links with the villages of the Lavant Valley, we make these available online. If you click on the left, you will find all the back issues, including the very latest. You can download to view these PDF files of print them if you wish, of course.

The Printed Edition is produced for free and delivered to all the homes and businesses in all of the villages of the Lavant Valley by a band of dedicated distributors.

We're a small team who put this together. Do get in touch if you'd like to contribute, become an advertiser or have a question. We'll try to help.

Ted Salmon, Editor, 01243 818161,
David Mather, Advertising and Accounts, 01243 811451,
Chris Kelly, Distribution, 01243 811833,
John Elliott, Leaflets and Flyers, 01243 811786