Uteck's crap

Here is some crap I want to share.  I used to host at home but the ISP blocks port 80 now and I don't want to dish out the money to redirect to another port.  I am a cheep SOB. :P  Besides, Google has much better bandwidth then my upload speed.

Anathema Equipment

Now updated for version 1.3, not that it needed much of an update.  3 thrown weapons from Scroll of the Monk now have their Clinch tags.  Items from Oadenal's Codex are now included. 



Download Equipment.yap to your Anathema/repository/equipment/ folder.  If you don't have an equipment folder inside the repository, then make one.  

If you have used the equipment database all ready and made your own items, then make a copy of your Equipment.yap file to save your work.  There is no import or export feature, so you either use my file or yours, but not both at the same same time.

Sol Invictus

Here is a link for the Sol Invictus PDFThis link should work.      

Other Crap

Avatars and other images are now on their own page.