The United Socialist States of America

The United Socialist States of America
Note: This is the factbook for the nation Post War America on Nationstates, and is Post Modern Tech

                                         Civilian Flag of the United Socialist States                                                           Governmental and Military Flag of the United Socialist States

    The United Socialist States of America is a massive, safe nation, ruled by Nataliya Valinova with a fair hand, and renowned for its museums and concert halls. Its compassionate, hard-working, intelligent population of 1.1 billion hold their civil and political rights very dear, although the wealthy and those in business tend to be viewed with suspicion. The current government champions the Civil Liberties of the people. However, those who do break laws, and those in power who become corrupt are swiftly and harshly punished with a matching penance. The government maintains Market Socialist economic platform. The thriving economy is spearheaded by cooperative run industry, with the state in control of key assets. The current state was farmed after a brief but brutal revolution and the subsequent annihilation of the existing order. 

 Flag Counter

Current Year: 2063

Current War Readiness Condition (WARCON):
[5] Peacetime: Active Duty Forces on 4 Hour Standby/Reserve Forces on 72 Hour Standby (Default)
[4] Heightened Security: Active Duty Forces on Duty/Reserve Forces on 24 Hour Standby (Default During International Crisis)
[3] Top Security: Active Duty Forces Mobilized/Reserve Forces on 4 Hour Standby
[2] Low Intensity Conflict: Active Duty Forces Deployed/Reserve Forces on Duty
[1] High Intensity Conflict: Active Duty Forces Deployed/Reserve Forces Mobilized
[0] Open War: Active Duty Forces Deployed/Reserve Forces Deployed/Orbital Weapon Teams (OWTs) placed on Standby
Current Wars: None

Current Disaster Readiness Condition (DIRCON):
[5] Normal Level of Preparedness: Emergency Response Teams on Normal Readiness (Default)
[4] Heightened Level of Preparedness: Emergency Response Teams on Standby (Default during Hurricane Season)
[3] Disaster Preparations: Disaster Response Teams on Standby/Emergency Response Teams Active
[2] Disaster Final Preparations: Projected Disaster Zone Fortified/Disaster Response Teams Active
[1] Disaster Weathering: Disaster Response Teams Ensuring Safety of Population
[0] Disaster Repair: Reparations are being made.
Current Major Disasters: None

Terrorism Response Readiness Condition (TERCON):
[5] Normal Level of Readiness: Security at Normal Levels (Default)
[4] Heightened Readiness: Increased Security Measures Enforced (Default During International Crisis)
[3] High Level of Readiness: Increased Security Measures Enforced/Counter Terrorism Forces (CTFs) on Duty
[2] Maximum Level of Readiness: High Level of Security/CTFs on Patrol/Quick Response Teams (QRTs) on Duty
[1] Counter Terrorism Action: High Level of Security/CTFs on Patrol/QRTs operating
[0] Responding to Attack: Ultra-High Level of Security/CTFs on Patrol/ORT operating
Current Terrorist Plot Allegations: None

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