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Some poems arranged in the order of their appearance
with the addition of the occasional recipe, knitting pattern or daffodil.
Varium et mutabile semper feminina. Virgil
Roses can do anything they set their minds to. The Rose

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Advesperacit    In the eyes of the beholder;    Beauty and the bees;     Ice cream poem for Kathy;     Yesterday I dug a new garden

On my way...now;    Fall haiku;    California dreamin';     Nothing

Thoughts on raking leaves in Autumn: Unconditional Love;   On my road less travelled;    He brought me music;    Waiting;    Carmen on the bus;    Quiet Time;    Balm

Employing the Muse: A musing on muse employment;    Meditation;     Haiku to winter's arrival

Joyous Light haiku;    Copyright;    Justify my existence;    Still life haikus

Wishing for illusion;    go gently: a warning to me;    Wonder Woman;    Comfort Food;    Hypocrisy

Matching my outfit;    Recycling;    Gifts


Essential Echinacea;    Cloud Computing;    Lucky Choices

Tender Words;    In the lifeboat;    Surprises;    The meanings of words;    Fly by night haikus;     Snow smoke

Recipe for cosy;    A gift of beauty;    Haiku for the wolf moon;    Seeing authentically

Sensible;   Haiku from my burrow;     Catching up with the clouds

Longing;     Longing... continued;     An Understanding Wife;   Look to the peonies

Debbie: counting to 60;   Amicalement;   On the E-list;   Silence... still;   Picture

Books as insulation;     Asking... or wishing;    Metaphors;     I am afraid of Margaret Atwood;    Gremlins

Solar bliss haikus;    Survival haiku;   Quaint;   Atwood poems: The Door;   Disastrous relationships;   Life as technology;   Groupies

Christmas cactus;   The long and winding road;   We shared beauty;   Wanting ... waiting;   February ends

A cardinal sang;   The rusted lantern;   Every now and then; 

Warm and fuzzy;   Bones;   Michael: 1984;   Aging wonder;   Small step for (wo)man haiku;   Yesterday was almost Spring;  

Arrivals & Departures'   In the closet;   Circular references;   The effect of sudden warmth 

Advice to my daughters;   Plant parenthood;    Interior landscapes

Back home;   How will I know when I am old?;   ¿Cómo sabrá cuando estoy vieja?

Forsythia;   Attuned;   Daffodils as metaphors and squirrels as decorators ...;   Tiny rosebush

Silver geese;  A good day's work for May;   Periwinkle ... violet;  The smell of ferns;   Poems for all times

My fields haiku;   Thinking:   Sharing our stories;  June garden 

I am becoming;  Still the milkweed smelled so sweet 

Perfect words;   Breathing;   Still silence;   Other times and other dreams;   Sometimes

The hidden garden; Daylilies;   My poems aren't enough;   Dancing for the bees  

You make me think about things;   Counterpoint;  Hermit bliss;   The full moon and bridges;   Apples

Fearless words;  The business of bugs;  Going;   Zen haiku;    All things poetic;   Travel plans 

October /November
Becoming Autumn;   Autumn's dance of change;   Point of view;   The race;   Luncheon conversation;   What is happiness?

 Haiku;    Mon pays c'est l'hiver;   Prayer of thanks   


Joy as winter now,   Cold day on the bus;   Dried winter foods

Noticing;    Kate is gone;  Red tights haiku;   Mirror image 

February / March / April
Which woman?   Dance plan;   Coffee again; Joy

April / May
Not the basil but the pot;   soon;   Happiness;   Excuse

June / July / August
Hardy roses;   Important facts;  
The house of Joan;   Hidden

... page 38
The memory of pain; Spaces ...gaps;   Waiting wrapped in clichés; A causal plan; Worthy measures;   A different way of seeing;   Words

October / November / December
Just because;   Sticking to the cloud;   Winter food'   My imaginary friend;   Feeling fine;   Changing;   Silence;  Rosary of an atheist


threads pulled;   January lies;    How can I trust the river?;     Not the amaryllis

A calculating woman;   Today I am;    Scarf pattern;   ... to be continued;   Useless words / Use less words

February, March
The effect of magic on energy production;   Photographs;  Scraps:    Request to Gigi for fairies

Making a difference;  Redemptive beauty;   Unexpectedly;   The sun;   Roots;   Cranberry muffins 

Slow blooming flower;  Advice;   The wearing of the metaphor;   Free floating blues; Two crows;   Facebook haiku 

April, May
Sky haiku;   All his jewels, precious jewels;   For W.   Blending haiku;   Seasonal confusion 

Offering haiku ;   Waiting;   The bus detours;   @Sharon

Loving the daisies;   I used to have a friend;  You say you love;   Manual dexterity;  The awakening

July - September
Carpet colours;   The perfect now;   I need a poem;   Rudbeckia;   Arrivals

October, November
Trusting change;  The book of rules;    fine poetry;   Thanksgiving pictures;   Late bloomers   

Alone;   Marigolds;   Today'   Oh me of little faith

Goals'   What is to come haiku;   Pagan ritual;   Lullabies;   Moon;   Hoar frost at Gananoque


January, February  
As the twig is bent;   Reality sucks;   Valentine's Day;   Roadmap  

Time requisition;   Surprise;   To Mary;   Be gone;   Poem by Jenny Newton 

Real life;   Cut loose;   Montreal’s river: Valois Bay on Lac St. Louis

April, May
Constancy;   Lullaby,   

If I want;   A full life;   Hidden truths;    

July. August
Birch haiku    In the silence, dancing;   The yin & yang of now;   Enough haiku;   Dreamscape
September, October
... page 58
Today I know that it is fall; Coffee observations; Right answers; Autumn soundtrack; Telling

November, December
... page 59
The ash tree; Schematic; Now; winter rain

January, February. March
Poem to a friend;   Fall;   Lies;   Change;   Hope haiku

Some things don't know;   Need be;   Listing in time and space;   Spring clothes;   Computer frustration;   Remembering E    Lara from my window

Far enough;   Thank goodness for daffodils;   The art of dreams;   Read only;   

 Enough time;   New Steps

The garden of Pauline;   Again;   

June, July
Of daisies;   Separate worlds;   Sharing;   Legacy request

August, September
Smiley faces   My full moon;   Reminders;  The finishing touch


Leaves leave haiku;   Home;   A poem for A. on plans;   A trying time;   Lesson learned

April, May
Markers;   Centred;   Considering; Here

Butterfly haiku;   Solomon's seal haiku;   Tiarella;   In Joan's field

Plumes on the Sumac