National Intercollegiate
Genetics Quiz Contest (NIGQC)

The National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest is open to all undergraduate students from colleges and universities all over the Philippines with a background in genetics (such as but not limited to agriculture, forestry, allied health sciences, and biology). 

Brief History

The NIGQC traces its roots from the Luzon-wide Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest first sponsored by GeneSoc in December 1998 at the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) Main Center in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. This was followed by two more editions in November 2000 (Batac, Ilocos Norte) and October 2002 (Los Baños, Laguna). During these years, the quiz contest was held in conjunction with the biennial National Genetics Symposium organized by the Philippine Society for the Advancement of Genetics (PhilSAGen). However, the intercollegiate quiz contest was discontinued for more than a decade after the organization shifted its strategy on advancing GeneSoc's mission of promoting the science of Genetics in the Philippines by reaching out to secondary school students and high school biology teachers through the annual Genetics Camp.

 the 30th Anniversary of the The UPLB Genetics Society coinciding with the 60th year of the elucidation of the DNA Double Helix in 2013, the NIGQC was revived into a national student competition. NIGQC 2013 was held at Drillon Hall, Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA), UP Los Baños and it was participated by 10 universities nationwide – seven (7) from Luzon, two (2) from Visayas and one (1) from Mindanao. 

So far, the biggest attendance of the contest was reached in 2014 when the NIGQC was participated by 14 universities – twelve (12) from Luzon, one (1) from Visayas and one (1) from Mindanao. 

As of the seventh edition of the NIGQC, the University of the Philippines ManilaUniversity of the Philippines Baguio and Ateneo de Manila University have the highest number of NIGQC championships. Each of the three schools have two top podium finishes - UPM in 2000 and 2002; UPB in 1998 and 2015; and ADMU in 2013 and 2016.
 4th NIGQC (2013)
DNA Goes Diamond:
60 years of progressive research and development
 5th NIGQC (2014)
 6th NIGQC (2015)
Medical Genetics: 
Paving the way for Innovations in 
Health Sciences

   7th NIGQC (2016)
Breed and Transform Genetics and Agriculture towards 
Food Security and Sustainability
  8th NIGQC (2017)
Mapping Molecular Traces: Decoding Forensic Mysteries through Modern Genetic Breakthroughs
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See the list of participating colleges and universities, and contest winners below.

 NIGQC 2017

8th National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest
Mapping Molecular Traces: Decoding Forensic Mysteries through Modern Genetic Breakthroughs
04 November 2017

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For inquiries:

Blaire de Borja
Head, NIGQC Invitations Committee
+63 999 441 8694

About the Theme 

This year, with the theme “Mapping Molecular Traces: Decoding Forenaic Mysteries through Modern Genetic Breakthroughs,” the organization aims to highlight the importance of genetics in the field of Forensic Science. With the advent of technological advancements in forensic genetics, humanity is now closer to the answers on the mysteries lying on criminal and civil cases.

The 8th National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest shall cover selected topics in genetics, primarily focusing in its applications in the forensic sciences (e.g. cytogenetics, population genetics, qualitative and quantitative genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology). 

Contest Mechanics 

The quiz contest is a whole day event  and shall be composed of five rounds namely: the Synapsis Round, the Initiation, Elongation, and Termination rounds (collectively known as the Dogma), and the Genetic Drift Round. Each participating school will have three (3) contestants or representatives.

The first round, Synapsis, will be taken by each contestant individually while the succeeding rounds will be answered by group. All points accumulated from each round (excluding the Synapsis) will be tallied after the final round. 
*NOTETeams are required to bring their own scientific calculators and have them checked by their respective proctors prior to the start of the contest.

Registration Mechanics 

Only a single team may represent a university/college/institute. A participating team shall be composed of only three (3) undergraduate students, and a coach from the university/college/institute to be represented.

However, the presence of a coach on the actual date of the competition is optional. In such case, the coach may be represented by a co-faculty, or university/college/institute personnel. Undergraduate students may be chosen from any academic level (i.e. freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior).

Interested teams must send their confirmation of participation thru email addressed to the Invitations Committee Head of NIGQC 2017 on or before October 6, 2017.

Blaire De Borja
Head NIGQC Invitations Committee
+63 99 441 8694

A registration fee of Php 2,000 must be paid by all participating teams. A part of the registration fee (Php 1,000) will be allotted for confirmation of the team’s slot in the competition, and must be paid through either of the following:

Thru BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands):
Account Number: 0913 - 2630 - 73

Thru LBC/Western Union
James Raphael R. Medrano 
+63 927 706 0243

A scanned copy of the deposit/transaction slip must be sent thru e-mail on or before October 13, 2017. The remaining Php 1,000 (inclusive of food and snacks, official NIGQC shirt, souvenirs and quiz materials) will be paid in the registration booth during the day of the competition (November 4, 2017). NOTE: The confirmation fee is non-refundable, in case of withdrawal of participation. 

All necessary details of the team members must be submitted on the deadline for the reservation of slots.

Interested groups may request the complete contest invitation letter 
and full registration mechanics at
 InvitationRegistration Form | NIGQC2016 Primer


The winning teams will be awarded with medals, certificates, and cash prizes (to be updated)

CHAMPION:                  Php 15,000
1ST RUNNER UP:         Php   7,000 
2ND RUNNER UP:        Php   5,000


13 October 2017
Deadline for Registration Fee

04 November 2017
On-site Registration Payment and 
Contest Proper

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Leann Suiton
NIGQC 2017
Steering Committed Head


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The UPLB Genetics Society GeneSoc,
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