National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest (NIGQC)

Organizational Profile
The UPLB Genetics Society, also known as GeneSoc, is a duly recognized academic organization that was established in 1983 and pioneered by 23 Biology and Agriculture majors. Through the years, the organization has strived to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in                                          the country (more...)



The UPLB Genetics Society celebrates the exceptional feats of

Ms. Ma. Gia Anna Gomez, MD (Euchromatin)
Mr. Jonathan Velasquez, MD (Cosmid)
for passing the September 2017 Physician Licensure Examinations.
Mr. Neri Camitan, MSc (Nucelosome) 
BS Agriculture '04 MS Environmental Science '13
Senior Research Specialist, National Food Authority
2017 Presidential Lingkod Bayan Awardee
Civil Service Commission
Dr. Ma. Corazon de Umgria
Honorary Member
2017 Outstanding Public Official
Presidental Dangal ng Bayan Awardee
Civil Service Commission
2017 Australian Alumni Excellence Awardee
Alumni of the Year
Bachelor of Science (Macquarie University)
Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology
(University of South Whales)
Mr. Edmerson Geronimo, MSc (Proteome) 
BS BIO-MCB '09 MS Microbiology 
on your appointment as
Recording Secretary
for the Philippine Society for Microbiology
Ms. Erin Jane Tababa, MD (Gene Pulse) 
BS Biology '09 cl
 Dr. Augusto Camara Award
Most Outstanding Resident in Research
UP - Philippine General Hospital
Department of Medicine

Most Outstanding Resident in Research
UP - Philippine General Hospital
Section of Dermatology
Mr. Morel Dominic Umipon (Proteasome) 
BS Biology '17 mcl
for qualifying to the
UP College of Medicine
 Class of  2022
Ms. Ana Mikaela Maravilla (Riboprobes)
BS Agricultural Biotechnology '16
5th place
Agriculturist Licensure Examinations
April 2017
Prof. Mark Anthony Rabena (Proteome)
BS Biology '08, MS Envi Sci '14
2017 Outstanding Teacher in the 
Biological Sciences (Junior Category)
108th UPLB Foundation Day Anniversary
06 March 2017
Mr. Elton Villa, DMD (Cosmids)
BS BIO '12
for passing the 
January 2017 Dentist Licensure Examinations
Mr. Paul Jhon Diezon (Phagemids)
BS Biology - Cell and Molecular Biology
for being one of the 2016 Ten Outstanding
Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines
conferred by the Order of the Knights of Rizal
30 December 2016
Mr. Paul Jhon Diezon (Phagemids) 
2016 CAS Outstanding Student
Top 4 of College Seniors
Mr. Morel Dominic Umipon (Proteasome) 
Top 3 of College Seniors
Ms. Rochelle Sarmiento (Polylinker)
Top 11 of College Seniors
Ms. Rozel Razal (Aptamers) 
Top 4 of College Juniors
Mr. Sean Lemuel Santos (Hybrizyme) 
Top 2 of College Sophomores
44th College of Arts and Sciences
Foundation Day Convocation & 
Awarding Ceremonies
UPLB CAS Auditorium
18 November 2016
Mr. Juan Rodrigo Vera Cruz (Riboprobes)
BS Agriculture '15
for passing the Licensure Examinations for Agriculturists.
Ms. Leslie Ann Del Barrio, MD (Homeobox)
BS Biology '09 cl
for passing the August 2016 Physician Licensure Examinations.
Catherine V. Magante-Ortañez, MD, DPOGS 
(Nucleosome) BS Biology '05 cl
for passing and becoming full diplomate of
the Philippine Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Helen Marie Zell S. Valiña, MD, DPOGS, FPSRM
BS Biology '03
for passing the Philippine Society of
Reproductive Medicine Exam
Ms. Marianne Michelle Q. de la Rosa
Enhancer (BS Bio '13)
MD student, San Beda College of Medicine
for being elected as the
Council Speaker (2016-2017)
Asian Media Students' Association Philippines (AMSA)
Dr. Maria Corazon de Ungria
Honorary Member
for being recognized by Thomson Reuters as
The Philippines' Promising Star 2016
in Molecular Biology and Genetics
2016 Higher Education Research Conference
July 26-27, 2016
Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla, MAHPS
Honorary Member
for being one of Global Genes'
2016 RARE Champions of Hope
Medical Care and Treatment - International Category
Ms. Jaarmy Flor Rebugio, MD (Polygenes)
BS Biology '07
for passing the Philippine Specialty Board of
Internal Medicine (PSBIM)
Ms. Hannah Grace Apondar (Haplotype)
BS MST '15  
for passing the
March 2016 Licensure Examination for Teachers
Secondary Level
Ms. Nyka Noelle Barrientos (Riboprobes) 
BS Biology '15
for qualifying to the
UP College of Medicine
 Class of  2021
Ms. Mia Desiree Azañes-Verdeprado, MSc
(Ribozymes) BS Biology 06 MS Genetics '12
8th Place
for passing and being one of the topnotchers of the 
2016 Real Estate Appraiser's Licensure Examinations.
Ms. April Joy Umali, MD (Regulon)
BS Biology '10
for passing the March 2016 Physician Licensure Examinations.
Prof. Andrew D. Montecillo (Diploid)
BS Biology '07, MS Microbiology '14
2016 Outstanding Teacher in the
Biological Sciences (Junior Category)
107th UPLB Foundation Day Anniversary
04 March 2016
Mr. Edmerson Geronimo (Proteome)
One of the three exam topnotchers
Ms. Jadie Ruth Mabita (Euchromatin)
Ms. Jemaureen Refuerzo (Isoalleles)
for passing the  
Accreditation Exam for Registered Microbiologist
administered by the Philippine Academy of Microbiology

Honor. Excellence. GeneSoc.