The Meaning of Life

  1. The meaning of life depends on your perspective-- *your* meaning
  2. Those who follow other souls lose meaning of life
  3. Meaning of life doesn't mean perspective-- it's an object *formed* by your perspective
  4. Perspective is the prism formed by learning and experience, the meaning of life one's calculus
  5. The meaning of life is one's soul found
  6. The soul is perspective enlightened by *you*-- meaning of life lived
  7. Love is the life of the soul, meaning of life it's culmination

    David Weller 

         Although I've been known to sketch an occasional political poem, I've written a variety of both sacred and secular, very short poems on many internet sites since 2004.

          Also, I've been in independent reform politics on the web, since 1998.

         Please see all my sites and social networking at my profile.  God bless.

    Copyright 2011 David A Weller