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Erich Kunzel Way

Cincinnati, Ohio

A very young Erich Kunzel hands over his baton and the direction of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to an even younger maestro while local TV personality "Skipper Ryle" looks on - December 1965  


Maestro Erich Kunzel

and the Cincinnati Pops

Brochure cover from the
Erich Kunzel Memorial Concert

October 19, 2009

Music Hall - Cincinnati, Ohio
Home of the
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

and the
Cincinnati Pops



This site is dedicated to the memory and the music of the late Erich Kunzel, founder and Conductor Emeritus of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.  Erich Kunzel passed away on September 1, 2009.

Contained within this site is information regarding the plethora of musical albums Erich Kunzel created during his five decades in the music profession.  Erich Kunzel recorded 116 albums with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra; 9 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; 18 with the Rochester Pops Orchestra; and, 10 with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  He also recorded albums with the London Symphony Orchestra (3), the Houston Symphony (2), the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra (1), the Cincinnati Brass Ensemble (1) and the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra (1).

Additional information can be found regarding many of the compilation albums bearing Erich Kunzel's musical imprint.   Limited biographical information regarding Erich Kunzel is also provided.

To view the albums and associated data, simply "click" on the headings in the left hand column.

This site about Erich Kunzel and his music is for informational purposes only. It is not affiliated with any organization or group.

June 1, 2010 (updated July 6, 2012)