How you can help...

There are FIVE easy ways to do this:

1)      Become a PTA member

Membership dues are $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a family.  A family membership covers TWO adults per family.  A large portion of these dues is used for local, state and national PTA fees, not school events.  Membership allows you to have a direct voice in how PTA funds are raised and spent, and the kinds of activities we organize and support.  You also will receive a discounts on various PTA events. We would like every family to join Theuerkauf PTA this year.


2)      Make a direct donation to Theuerkauf PTA

All direct donations go to PTA activities, not to fundraising vendors.  The money you donate is 100% tax-deductible.  Please consider making a one-time donation of $25.00, although any amount you can afford is appreciated. 


3)      Volunteer

We are asking every family to donate at least 3 hours of volunteer time this year.  Please click on the Theuerkauf PTA Forms link for a list of volunteer opportunities.
4)       Sign up for eScrip 
This doesn’t cost you anything and raises money for our school.  If you have previously signed up for eScrip, you must re-register your Lucky card on an annual basis as this is an eScrip requirement.  If you need help let us know.  Go to for more information.
5) Shop  Theuerkauf PTA is part of the Amazon Affiliate program, therefore Theuerkauf PTA will earn a percentage of your purchases from There is ZERO cost to you. Just make sure you link to the Amazon Web page from the Theuerkauf PTA website BEFORE you add items to your cart. Otherwise, Theuerkauf PTA will not receive the referral fee.  Once you link to Amazon through the Theuerkauf PTA link, create a bookmark for future usage. Then forward the link to your friends and families.  
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