Manga Mania
Program Description: In honour of Free Comic Book Day (May 2) we decided to have some Manga fun! Teens received free comic books, learned about different kinds of Manga, competed in trivia for prizes and watched Naruto!
Program Advertisement:
Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with the Oshawa Public Libraries! We will be discussing our favourite manga, making Candy Sushi, and watching anime based on the coolest manga around! For tweens ages 10-14. Free registration at any branch.
Number of Space available: 20 
Program Outline:
  • Icebreaker – 2 truths and a lie

    Manga presentation (see attached)

    Discussion – Why do you like it?  Who is your favourite character? Who can name the most Manga genres?

    Trivia – Jeopardy 

    Candy Sushi

    Eat while watching movie



Materials Used/Shopping List:
From library:
A local comic book store donated dozens of free Mangas
We made a Manga/Anime Word Search
Shopping List:
  • Prizes: Anime DVDS, Mangas (if not donated), anime/manga items
  • Candy Sushi:  gummy worms
  • rice krispy treats
  • fruit roll-ups
  • Twizzlers
  • Twinkies
  • donuts
  • licorice
Spent approximately $60.00 on Candy Sushi supplies and prizes
 Prep Time:
3 hours to shop, create presentations/Jeopardy PowerPoints, set-up.
Designate a Candy Sushi Table, have a projector and screen ready for presentation and Jeapardy
 General Comments:
Manga is really popular in teen and tween circles and this program has many possibilities such as Cosplay, dress as your favourite character, and other games.

Supporting Documents:

Anime Jeopardy

Manga and Anime WordSearch

General Program Information Sheet

Manga Genre PowerPoint


Greek Out!
Program Description: This program was originally created to celebrate the Percy Jackson series of books, but the description can be easily tweaked to celebrate the more universal theme of Ancient Greece.  It is also fun to offer this program during the Summer Olympic Games, which can be traced back to Greece in 776 BC. 
Program Advertisement: Join us at this Camp Half-Blood Regional Meeting as we celebrate the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie! Have fun learnng Ancient Greek, forging a warrior's shield, fashioning Greek sandals, togas, and more!
Number of Space available: 20
Program Outline:
  • Make a nametag using the Ancient Greek alphabet

  • Icebreaker - name your favorite Greek god or goddess OR what each tween's superpower would be if they were a god or goddess
  • Consult the oracle to see which god or goddess claims each tween (spin a wheel or draw cards)
  • Research the chosen god or goddess
  • Forge a warrior's shield using cardboard and a printout of a medusa head. Use duct tape for a handle
  • Make Greek sandals out of cardboard, fabric, duct tape and leather cording or gimp
  • Toilet paper toga party!  Choose two tweens to be wrapped in a toilet paper toga by the remaining tweens.  The best toga wins!
  • Crown everyone a winner by making laurel wreaths out of cardstock and pipe cleaners
Materials Used/Shopping List:
  • Markers
  • Blank nametags and sheets of paper
  • Pencils
  • Spinning wheel, bristol board and paper fasteners, or cards with Greek gods/goddesses names
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Duct tape
  • Fabric
  • Leather cording or Gimp
  • Toilet paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cardstock for laurel leaves


$0-$20 depending on how many supplies you already have
Prep Time:
1 hour
Tables for each craft, an open space for the toga party
General Comments:
Tweens were so into researching their god or goddess that we didn't have enough time to complete all activities.  A second program was offered and attendance was just as good. 


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