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by Jordan T. and Jacob S.

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Issue 1 was written and issues 2 and 3 were print issues, but you can still view them here.

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Issue 4 available here:

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The Turnurst Times is an online newspaper that is produced every other Friday. It is created by Jordan T., age 9, and Jacob S., age 9. They started making books in second grade when they were in the same class. They were inspired to make a newspaper when Jacob read The Landry News by Andrew Clements. They wanted to make a website because they thought it would be cool to see something they made online. They made a website for the newspaper to save paper and ink. The newspaper interacted with the third grade students at Matoaka Elementary School, where Jacob and Jordan go.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q:  What is your logo supposed to be?

A:  It is a T with an S over it in a circle. It represents the first letters of our last names.


Q:  Are you going to make more websites?

A:  We may if we have time but it takes a long time to make a website that is all finished with no mistakes.


Q:  Do you have a motto?

A:  Yes! It is:  Turn to the Turnurst Times! Say that three times fast!


Q:  I heard about voting in this paper. How do I send in votes?

A:  Use our e-mail link. (


Q:  What is the Matoaka Gamer?

A:  It is a section in the paper that interacts with our school, publishing cheat codes for the game that most of the people voted for.


Q:  Can I send in questions or comments?

A: Use the same e-mail link you would use to vote but add your email address so we can e-mail you back.