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Unity 2008...!
In a democracy change happens
because people make it happen. Let's.
A new idea is taking hold of politics. It's called democracy. It's been a long time since we knew what it really meant. Sure, we vote (some of us), but we vote for the best party with the best candidate with the best one liner, the shiniest quaff, the whitest smile and the biggest corporate backing. We don't vote for a person because of his or her principles, because of his or her ideas, and because of his or her integrity. That is, unless we decide it's time for a change...
Ron Paul and Bob Bowman in 2008
Real Candidates For a Change

There is no doubt that the state of our political system is desperately lacking vitality, integrity, and statesmanship. Many Americans are only minimally entertained by the Presidential Idol competition currently being covered by the main stream media. But it does not have to be this way. Two candidates--Ron Paul and Bob Bowman--have both taken stands of principle supporting a government grounded in the constitution and in common-sense. To say these two men are impressive is an understatement: a Pittsburgh born and Duke University educated doctor who delivered over 4,000 babies and served in the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon before becoming the most ideologically consistent and fiscally responsible congressman since Jefferson; and a Florida-based rocket science and nuclear engineer who just happened to be a US Air Force fighter pilot, who flew over 100 combat missions in Vietnam before deciding to commit his life to representing the interests of all Americans in Congress. Will anyone question the intelligence or commitment to service of these men? More importantly, their positions on policies are strong, clearly reasoned, consistent, and capable of uniting the country. If we vote for them, they can lead us down a new path into the 21st century of the United States. It's up to us.

Meet Ron Paul

 Meet Bob Bowman




Note: If this is your first time to this site, welcome. Please look around, and don't be turned away by the site's title. 9/11 was every American's tragedy and every American (not just loony-nut conspiracy theorists) have a right to know what really happened, to hold those accountable so that it doesn't happen again, and to make sure our foreign policy is informed and responsible. So, read on brother (or sister).

*This site proudly supports but is in now way endorsed or funded by the candidates or their PACs.