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Ron Paul 2008!

"There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles.

Ron Paul is one of those few." --Fellow Congresswoman speaking about Ron Paul

I don't know if I can better describe Ron Paul than others already have. Moreover, the man's words and actionstruly speak for themselves. Below is a collection of text and video excerpts and some useful links. I'll let you discover the awesome integrity of this man for yourself.


A Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive.
He voted against the Patriot Act.
He He voted against the Iraq war. He does not participate in the congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year!
And he introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year...more than any single member of Congress.


Speeches and Videos

It is tempting to think that any politician is more rhetoric than record, but Paul may really be different. Watch the way he asserts himself, coolly and logically when he speaks. He is a thoughtful and driven orator, one not afraid to speak the truth.

From 'Who is this guy?' to the 'Great Guiliani Showdown'
  • CNN's Lou Dobbs interviews Ron Paul link
  • Ron Paul Holds his own against FOX's Cavuto link
  • Paul Praised by Crossfire's Tucker Carlson link
  • Paul stands out in the first GOP debate link
  • Paul's impressive 2nd debate performance link
  • Paul talking on CNN post-debate link
  • Paul won't back down to Hannity link
  • Paul keeps backing up his claims on the CNN late edition link
  • Paul affirms his principles and policy on MSNBC link
  • Paul's support is wide and deep (CNN) link
  • Bill Maher calles Paul my hero after the debate link
  • Bill Maher shares his admiration during a policy chat link
  • More Paul support from CSPAN link
  • FOX pretends it's just hype...right link
  • Ron Paul on CNN again  link
  • Ron Paul highlights from debate #3  link
  • Tucker Carlson continues his support with RP  link
  • Ron Paul on the Daily Show  link 

More Speeches on Policy (wow)

  • Paul at an Austin Fundraiser link (1) link (2)
  • Paul in Phoenix link(1) link(2) link(3) link(4) link(5) link(6)
  • Paul at a private Fundraiser link(1) link(2)
  • Paul gives a down-home barn talk link
  • Paul on the need to end the war link
  • Paul educates Rudy on foreign policy link
  • Ron Paul at the educating Rudy press conference link
  • Paul on the unconstitutional and harmful Federal Reserve link
  • Paul talks about the $ and America's ruinous policy link
  • Paul unravels the myth of neo-con patriotism (awesome) link
  • Paul's phenomenal Millenium reflection on the nation link
  • Paul talks freedom at the FFF conference link(1) link(2) link(3)
  • Ron Paul's audio archive link
  • The Ron Paul Reading Room  link

Interviews With Ron Paul

  • Paul announces his candidacy link(1) link(2) link(3) link(4)
  • Paul's journey to DC begins link(1) link(2) link(3) link(4) link(5)
  • Paul's valuable college lesson link(1) link(2) link(3) link(4)
  • Paul's New Hampshire chat at Dartmouth link
  • Paul on the Korelin Economics Report link(1) link(2) link(3)
  • Paul Interviewed in Texas link
  • Paul on WMUR in New Hampshire link(1) link(2) link(3)
  • Paul on the Alex Jones Show (Feb) link(1) link(2) link(3)
  • Paul on the Alex Jones Show (Jan) link(1) link(2)
  • He's human! Paul charming interview with the Wash Post link
  • Paul on the war on Scott Hornton's show link
  • Paul interviewed on Dome Nation  link
  • Ron Paul on  Dennis Miller Live  link
  • Ron Paul on PolicyWatch with Joe Briggs link(1)  link(2) 
  • Interview with Charles Goyette link(1) link(2) link(3)  link(4)
  • John Stossel and Paul talk foreign policy link
  • Even Paul's son makes sense  link


Even More Paul! (Articles, Books and Campaign Info)

  • The Ron Paul article archive at link
  • Ron Paul's Freedom Report newsletter archive link
  • An archive Paul's Congressional speeches and articles link
  • Paul's excellent declaration against the war link
  • Paul's stirring speech on real patriotism link
  • Read about all of Paul's stances at OntheIssues link

Books By Ron Paul (yup, he's an author too)
  • Read Paul's book A Foreign Policy of Freedom link
  • An article on Paul's A Foreign Policy of Freedom link
  • Read Paul's earlier book Freedom Under Siege link
  • Read about Paul's financial policy in Case For Gold link

Ron Paul in Congress and His 2008 Campaign

  • The Paul 2008 Campaign Homepage link
  • Ron Paul's official bio link
  • Ron Paul's Wikipedia page link
  • Ron Paul's stance on the issues link
  • Ron Paul's Congressional homepage Project Freedom link

The 2008 Campaign

  • Article on The Rise of Ron Paul link
  • A libertarian on the move link
  • News commentary on the Ron Paul miracle link
  • Debunking the "Paul Can't Win" Myth link
  • Ron Paul's Liberty Political Action Committee link
  • Ron Paul's daily update link
  • The Ron Paul press hub link
  • The Daily Paul Website link
  • Ron Paul's MySpace page (over 20,000 friends!) link
  • Demand for Ron Paul on Eventful is huge link
  • Ron Paul's nation-wide Buddy Map (wow!) link
  • People Meet-Up for Ron Paul everywhere! link
  • Index of all active online polls (show your support!!) link 

Other Great Sites Supporting Paul (growing fast)

  • Today's American Dream site on Ron Paul link
  • The Americans for Ron Paul website link
  • Ron Paul HQ: the unofficial RP volunteer homepage link
  • Ron Paul and the American dream link
  • New Liberty USA for Ron Paul link
  • America's Braveheart Ron Paul blog link
  • The Paul4Prez blog link
  • Ron Paul '08 at Blog City link
  • The Rescue-U.S. Ron Paul page link
  • Ron Paul For President 2008 link
  • The New Liberty homepage link
  • The USA Election Ron Paul page link
  • The Ron Paul Podcast link
  • Friends of Ron Paul link

Still not convinced? Maybe you should try Canada...just kidding. Ron Paul truly is an incredible man: a soft-spoken and deeply reasoned leader, not just a politician. The integrity of his politics is remarkable anywhere these days and truly an anomaly in Washington. Politicians will often brag that they're 'outside the beltway' as if where they came from (or didn't come from) will make them men of principle. But Ron Paul has been in Washington for 20 years now and he has not changed his tune for anyone. Beat that flip-floppers. Meet Ron Paul.

Ready for Another Great One?

Meet Bob Bowman

A Personal Note:  Ron Paul's human. Get your hopes up, listen to his ideas, but don't think he's going to fit exactly what you were looking for. I find his politics to be grounded in principle and his speech straightforward, honest, and refreshing...but I don't agree with everything he says. I'm particularly curious about his view on abortion and gay marriage (both of which I very strongly hesitate to curtail). But Paul's philosophical Liberterianism leads him to believe the government should not be telling states what to do, even if that would means interfering in a woman right to make choices about abortion (read an article by Paul here).

Secondly, on gay marriage, Paul detests what he sees as 'judicial activism', the prospect of the Supreme court in effect forcing other states to accept gay marriages that were performed in other presumably more liberal states. I, for one, think people should be free to do what they want--individuals, not states--but these issues have been drawing lines through the nation for too long. They are important, but they are not the only choices we have to make--and people for the most part people will make them on their own anyway. I still don't doubt that Paul will bring more integrity back to politics than we've seen in a long time. We need a President who knows where America should assert itself and knows where it shouldn't. Ron Paul's that man. And don't forget: he's human. Which means he'll listen. And that means he might be not just a great congressman, but a great leader.