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The Concerned Citizen's 9/11 Study Guide

A resource you can use, share, and grow

        There are compelling reasons—ethical and moral, current and historical, political as well as personal—to question the official account of what happened on September 11, 2001. Amongst many citizens there is a growing concern of illicit, corrupt, fraudulent, and otherwise questionable behavior on the part of our leaders. Alongside this fear stands a proud and centuries-old tradition of vehement and unyielding support for a free and transparent government, one that is both responsive to the needs of its people as well as accountable to them. Thegrowing concentration of wealth and power that we witness in our increasingly complex world gives us ever more cause to ensure that the people by whom and for whom this government was created continue the tradition of acting as true citizens, informed of and in control of their destinies; indeed, the first is necessary for the second.


        Yet at the same time, conspiracy theories have a long and muddled history. Especially when it comes to the events of 9/11, remembering the stars and stripes that decorated every lawn in the days after the attacks, and the tearful emptiness that we felt as we tried to understand ourselves and consoled others, one feels that these attackswere beyond question. But if one considers the events of 9/11 in a different light they will see the absolute imperative to find out everything we can about what happened and why. The attacks were real, immense, and heinous; their explanation should be equally thorough.


        While an intelligent discussion of this issue will no doubt produce many different speculations, opinions, and disagreements there is no need nor even the ability for an immediate and definitive answer. That is fine to admit, and widely accepted by many who have questions about the story we have been told. What is not fine and not clear is that an comprehensive and accountable investigation has ever been conducted. The Official 9/11 Commission Report as well as the government-commissioned, National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) report leave many questions unaddressed or undocumented with publicly available evidence. It is not acceptable that a “final” account be so selective and secretive. If anything, this spurs on deep and widespread skepticism about it's legitimacy and validity.


        Regardless of the specific findings of such an inquiry the ramifications are still enormous. Either what happened on September 11 was in fact the largest and most incomprehensibly mishandled botching of national intelligence and security in the history of this nation or it was the most heinous and massive civil and military deception in the history of the world. Neither case can be taken lightly, and few can argue that either case has received the proper investigation it deserved. The greatest conspiracy is that we do not know what happened on 9/11. As a nation, we know what we were told, of course, but people have not been held accountable nor has information been held to the highest standards of legitimate inquiry.


        The answer to these questions are important for all of us, not only to reconcile the loss of life or to bring perpetrators to justice, but to inform our nation's course in the world. Let all of us at least make sure that we do not move forward bearing the scar of an event we that do not understand pursuing a mission that we have knowledgeably not signed on to. It is not for history to show us what 9/11 meant. It is for us. And that begins with knowing what really happened.


        Do not be afraid that either our nation's hallowed traditions or the lives lost on 9/11 will be threatened by asking questions. No lives can be tarnished by an honest inquiry. On the contrary, the insinct to question comes from that very wellsprings of justice and deep sympathy, and if our actions are sincere we will only replenish them. This does not mean, of course, that sincerity makes veracity. The truth has no agenda. But nor should it have any barriers to entry.

        This investigation is not pursued on account of mere discontent, political maneuvering, or reckless greed. Rather, in the noblest traditions of science, law, religion, and philosophy, it is no less than the pursuit of the truth and of justice. In our efforts, the the lives of those who died in the attacks as victims and as heroes may be honored; as well as those of children everywhere and the future they will inherit; and lastly, the dignity of the nation itself and it's most cherished ideals. We can honor all of them, but not with blind faith or passive complicity and nor with uniformed anger. Not with these do can we bring honor, but with our questions and our demands for answers.

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