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A Call to Question:

What Doesn't Make Sense About 9/11?

The Official Story

The story put forth by our government goes something like this: 19 Arabs with boxcutters penetrated our borders, our flight security, and 4 of our airplanes, hijacked them, and then crashed them into 3 high profile targets without being either intercepted or shot down by our military defense system along the way. This operation was purportedly spearheaded by a radical Islamic fascist who was funded and trained by the CIA in the 1980's and now lives in a cave in Afghanistan or somewhere in Pakistan but we're not sure, because George Bush stopped looking for himSo, what's the problem?

The 9/11 Commission Report

The problem begins with the government's investigation of the events of 9/11. To begin, the FBI somehow knew the identifies of the 19 hijackers mere hours after the attacks. Thereafter, however, the leaders of the Bush administration actively attempted to avoid a deeper investigation. In fact both Bush and Cheney implored Tom Delay to postpone and limit a formal inquiry. By god, why?? Throughout the production of the report, which was headed by Bush loyalist, Thomas Zelikow, the investigators managed to omit crucial pieces of evidence and to distort the facts they did present. They did not require key government officials to testify under oath, and they allowed the President and Vice President to be interviewed together and behind closed doors. The family members of 9/11 victims who fought for the investigation to even occur compiled reams of questions that were blithely ignored. In the end what the American public was told, though hailed as bi-partisan, forthright, and even eloquent was in truth incomplete, inadequate, and worst of all, dangerously politically expedient. When it comes to the biggest, most fatal attack on the United States in its history, some call that criminal.

The NIST Investigation

The technical investigation, a $20 million dollar process led by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, produced hundreds of pages of seemingly conclusive proof that all was as we were told. In retrospect, perhaps that's because NIST didn't not conduct an investigation as we would have expected at all; instead, they constructed and then analyzed a variety of models until they found one that showed how what we were told did happen could have happened. Allow me a quick analogy. That's like paying a detective $20 million dollars to see how a shocking and mysterious death could have been a suicide. In other words, the “investigation” was over before it ever began; no one even considered the possibility that something else might have occurred. So, we know what did not happen in the NIST investigation, what did? No one will deny that they were thorough; the NIST scientists examined thousands of photographs, reams of blueprints, and tweaked millions of lines of computer code in their virtual reconstruction of the WTC collapses. But before even mentioning the faulty methods and inconclusive results of their study, it should be clear that not all of these photographs, videos, blueprints, and computer programs have even been released to the public. Still, the problems are far worse than mere concealment. Take, for example, the odd fact that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tested the strength of the steel-floor truss configurations and found that they indeed could sustain 600 Celsius temperatures for over 2 hours (much longer than either of the towers burned). When these physical tests failed to demonstrate the predetermined government explanation, NIST built computer simulations that grossly exaggerated the effects of the steel's weakening—the very steel they had just tested in real life. To top off this masterpiece of pseudo-science, the investigation did not even attempt to explain the actual collapse. Apparently, NIST's mandate for the investigation was to establish the conditions such that the building was ready to collapse. To go back to our analogy: this is as if the $20 million dollar suicide-only detective didn't even figure out how the death occurred but rather only the conditions so that the death was ready to occur. One question: that was worth $20 millions dollars?

The Pentagon

The attack on the Pentagon occurred at 9:38, the last of the three planes that hit their targets on the morning of 9/11. Although questions about what exactly crashed into Wedge 1 of the Pentagon's 5 compartments have been divisive amongst those in the 9/11 Truth movement, the point is relatively moot. Why? The government has not released the Pentagon's security cameras nor the video surveillance tapes from nearby gas stations and hotels which were confiscated immediately after the attacks. That initial issue aside, however, the attacks on the Pentagon were indeed mysterious and riddled with deep inconsistencies that we have learned despite the government's lack of transparency. For one, the hijackers of Flight 77 were so incompetent that their instructors in Florida doubted they could competently handle a Cessna let alone a Boeing. The flight path which Flight 77 traveled required a precipitous descent, a demanding 270 turn, and several hundred yards of stable approach only 100s of feet off the ground. Professional pilots have repeatedly failed to execute this maneuver in full-function flight simulators. All this from pilots who couldn't graduate from a school for cropdusters? Even more baffling, perhaps, is that the plane's technically impressive maneuver resulted in the least populated and most heavily (and recently) reinforced wing of the Pentagon being hit. Why all the effort for that? And lastly, to hint at a bigger problem, how in god's name did a plane dance over the most heavily protected airspace in the United States and then dive unscathed into the most heavily protected civilian outpost in the World without even a siren let alone a surface to ground missile going off?

Flight 93

Flight 93, which crashed over the green fields of central Pennsylvania approximately 30 minutes after the Pentagon strike, has been a rallying cry for American resistance to the Islamic threat ever since audio tapes revealed that passengers and crew members may have overtaken the craft and denied the hijackers their mission. The story that was presented about these individuals was indeed a heroic one, but questions about the circumstances of that day still remain. The most glaring problems surround the plane debris—both its conspicuous absence from the crash site and its mysterious dispersal across several miles of farmland. One need only look at the photos of that field in rural Pennsylvania to see naught but a hole in the ground. Investigators alleged that “the ground was soft”–so soft that it swallowed an airplane whole, except ,oddly, several pieces of debris which were discovered hundreds of yards from the crash site. How is that possible?

The WTC Collapses

The entire world witnessed the collision into and collapse of WTC 1 and WTC 2 (WTC 2 at 9:59 and WTC 1 at 10:24am). The world stared in awe as the towers crumbled from the top down and disappeared into a cloud of dust. Let's state a few things which are true. Jet fuel burns at no higher than 1450 F. Thousands of gallons of jet fuel from the planes ignited immediately upon impact, and the fires that subsequently burned inside the towers were largely oxygen starved, as evidenced by the billowing black smoke. No other steel skyrise buildings have ever collapsed from fire alone. In addition to these facts, it is also true that the WTC rubble burned and smoked for weeks after the collapse. Most odd, however, are the pools of molten metal which collected under and around the building's elevator shafts. Steel doesn't melt until 2700 F. While the Twin Towers were indeed struck by large planes, the buildings were specifically designed to withstand such a crash and hold up static loads over twice its weight and dynamic loads from hundred mile hour winds. The buildings were strong. And yet, the buildings fell straight down at nearly freefall speed; the concrete and gypsum in the building was largely pulverized; the 240 steel columns which made up the buildings' exterior lattice as well as the 47 massive steel pillars which girded the interior of the towers all gave way with little apparent resistance. Closer inspection reveals that as the collapses progressed, sharp bursts of air shot out from specific locations on the tower's face. In demolition parlance these are called squibs, and they are telltale signs of explosions. Simply put, there has never been a building which collapsed in this way which was not a controlled demolition. Furthermore, numerous firefighters, survivors and other rescue personnel gave reports of hearing loud, sharp, systematic explosions in the buildings before the impact of the planes. While all eyewitness testimonies, especially in a crisis, are vulnerable to subjectivity, it is odd the the 911 commission report did not even mention the hundreds of testimonies given by New York City Fireman so many of whom recalled hearing similar phenomena.


That is the beginning of our questions. But, the real confusion doesn't begin until one looks at WTC 7, a 47 story skyscraper which also collapsed on that day at 5:20 in the afternoon. It is odd that most people don't even know that this building existed let alone collapsed—odd until one sees the video of its fleeting moments. Far more characteristically than even the WTC 1 and 2 towers, WTC 7 literally vanishes into its own footprint. It's collapse takes approximately 6.6 seconds (whereas dropping a brick from the top of the building would take about only 6). Further, the building experiences a 'kink' in its roofline, another textbook effect of the severing of internal columns that occurs in a controlled demolition. It is easy to suggest that 911 truthers are neither engineers nor architects and therefore not qualified to make these claims, but it is disingenuous to purport that laymen cannot understand that massive steel buildings should give resistance as their tops collapse, that damaged buildings should not fall in neat, symmetrical, piles, and MOST OF ALL that buildings which were neither hit by planes nor suffering from large fires—WTC 7—should definitely not collapse this way. What then accounts for these facts?

A Few Possibilities: The Thermate Hypothesis

I can't answer that question, but I can offer a few possibilities. One compelling hypothesis is that some kind of thermogenic reactant could have sliced through the steel columns. The most likely candidate is called thermate and it is chemical compound fixed with sulfur which produces extremely high-heat reactions. Video of orange-hot metal flowing out of the second tower minutes before its collapse was captured by major news outlets. Also, residues of thermate were found in dust recovered from the debris field and even FEMA's report noted the baffling sulfidization of two steel columns tested in their initial report (in which they concluded that the combination of fire and damage from debris had only a low probability of occurence). Others have suggested that some kind of explosive must have been used to account for the dramatic pulverization of so much of the building as well as the eyewitness testimonies of that morning. As for the feasibility of pulling off such a feat, it's worth noting that the towers underwent a mysterious power-down during the week before 9/11. It's also interesting that George Bush's brother, Marvin Bush, was on the board of the company that handled WTC security until 2001. These are just circumstantial connections, but they do make an already very suspicious situation even more so.

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