Designer Cuts

 Shampoo, Cut & Style      
 $38 & Up
 Dry Cut
 $25 & Up
 Shampoo, Cut & Style  $18 & Up
 Dry Cut
 $15 & Up
 Kids Cuts (Up to 10 yrs)
 $10 & Up
Chemical Services
Single Base Color                                                             $65 & Up
Base Color w/ Ends Refreshed                                          $75 & Up
Multi-Dimensional Color                                                  $85 & Up
Clear Top Coat                                                                 $45 & Up
Corrective Color                                         * price quote after Consultation
Regular Wrap Perm                                                           $65 & Up
Specialty Wrap Perm/Straightener                                     $75 & Up
Bio-ionic Straightener                                * price quote after Consultation
Keratin Smoothing Treatment                    * price quote after Consultation

Hi-Lights                                                                          $30 & Up
Color                                                                                $35 & Up

Additional charges for haircuts with chemical services.
Additional charges for creative colors with chemical services.

Shampoo and Style                                                           $20 & Up
Braids                                                                               $18 & Up
Special Occasion Styles                                                     $40 & Up
Extensions                                                 * price quote after Consultation

Ask about our " On Location Bridal Packages "
Post Color Treatment                                                        $20 & Up
Pre Color Treatment                                                          $20 & Up
Deep Conditioners                                                            $30 & Up
His Invigorating Scalp Treatment                                       $30 & Up

Massage Therapy
These Services are by Appointment only.

Swedish Massage          
Half Body                                                                          $45
Full Body                                                                           $70
Deep Tissue Massage   
Half Body                                                                          $60
Full Body                                                                           $75
Hot Stone Massage
Full Body                                                                           $145
Headache (15-20 mins)                                                     $25
Sinus Massage (up to 30 mins)                                          $45
Ear Candling
A natural alternative for relief of ear pain and pressure associated with sinusitis, swimmers ear, allergies and hearing difficulties.                                                            $45                                                               

Hair Removal
Eyebrow shaping                                                                $8 & Up
Lip                                                                                     $5 & UP
Chin                                                                                   $8
Whole Face                                                                         $35  *Appointment Required
Underarms                                                                         $20  *Appointment Required
Full Leg (Both)                                                                    $100 & Up  *Appointment Required
Back                                                                                   $60 & Up  *Appointment Required
Chest                                                                                 $50 & Up  *Appointment Required
Shoulders                                                                           $30 & Up *Appointment Required
Brazilian                                                                             $75 & Up *Appointment Required
Bikini                                                                                  $45 & Up *Appointment Required

Hand  and Foot Care

These Services are by Appointment only.

Her Manicure
Standard                                                                             $15
French                                                                                $18
Her Pedicure
Standard                                                                             $37 & Up
His Manicure
Standard                                                                             $10
His Pedicure
Standard                                                                             $25 & Up

Add Paraffin Wax to any service for $7.00

Gel Nails
Full                                                                                     $35
Fill In                                                                                  $20
Nail Repair                                                                          $5 per nail
Removal                                                                              $10
Polish Change                                                                     $8

Facial                                                                                  $55
Microdermabrasion                                                             $90 per visit
Microdermabrasion (6 visits)                                               $495

Makeup Application                                                            $30

Tanning Packages
CyberDome                                   * Price quoted for Seasonal Packages
SunDash                                        * Price quoted for Seasonal Packages
Spray Tan (1 Session)                                                         $35
Spray Tan Package (5 Sessions)                                          $100

The prices quoted above for Designer Cuts, Chemical Services, Styles and Treatments are based on a salon average of all stylist. Individual stylist prices may vary and are subject to change. For a direct price quote please see your chosen stylist.

The Trendsetter's Team ask that children remain seated while in the salon, parents are responsible for their children's actions.

A Trendsetter's Team Member has set aside a special time for you. In return we require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Most of our team members are independent contract stylists and have a "No Call, No Fee" fee which will be added to your next service.

We may find it necessary and reserve the right to reschedule appointments for 15 minutes tardiness or more.

All returned checks written to TRENDSETTERS will have a $40.00 fee added.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Guest that are under the age of 18 must have VERBAL CONSENT by a parent with select stylist before ANY service is performed. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!!!!!!