Urban Landscape imposes additional stress on trees and shrubs,
that are not a concern in the true forest setting.
Stress causes compacted soil, air pollution, poor drainage and competition with turf grasses
can impair the health and ultimately the growth of the tree.

When To Call "The Tree Whisper"

  • When any trees or shrubs are under stress
  • It is advised to call prior to stress on trees and shrubs, before hot weather or the threat of a storm
  • At the start of the season, when you want to ensure healthy trees and shrubs



What Services "The Tree Whisper" Offers:
  • A walk around of your property, with you, to look at the individual trees or shrubs to which you are concerned about
  • Many things will be learned about your trees and shrubs from the walk around, such as what is going on inside your tree or shrub
  • Through the walk around you will find what has affected your tree or shrubs
  • During the walk around, "The Tree Whisper" will go to work in helping you to understand what is effecting the "Inside" of your tree or shrubs
  • "The Tree Whisper" can treat an individual tree or shrub, or a group of trees or shrubs
  • Each tree or plant is different, depending on the needs of each will determine if the tree or shrub will need a follow-up visit
  • "The Tree Whisper" will give you the information needed for you to observe and also information to enhance the health of your trees or shrubs
 From "The Tree Whisper" You Can Expect:
  • "The Tree Whisper" will make an appointment with you to do the walk around, all in a professional manner
  • "The Tree Whisperer" will explain to you what he is doing, he may also show you pictures and diagrams of trees and shrubs
  • "The Tree Whisper" will provide the most effective treatment possible for your tree or shrubs
  • "The Tree Whisper" will take pictures of your trees or shrubs, which will be used in monitoring your tree or shrubs progress
  • "The Tree Whisper" will give you the information needed for you to observe your trees or shrubs, and information to enhance the health of your tree or shrubs
  • "The Tree Whisperer" will be available for you to call with any questions or concerns of your tree or shrubs, even after your tree or shurbs are treated
What To Expect From Your Tree or Plants After "The Tree Whisper" Treatments of Your Tree or Plants
  • Response time is 8-12 weeks for your trees
  • 4-8 weeks for your perennials
  • 4-7 days for your annuals
  • "The Tree Whisper" will ask you to watch for signs of new growth, leafing-out, of your tree or shrubs
  • 1-2 treatments may be needed by "The Tree Whisper",  this depending on how sick your tree or shrubs are and the weather conditions and time of the year
What  "The Tree Whisper" Will Ask of You?
  • To please be Open-Minded
  • Your patience with your tree or shrubs will be needed
  • An Agreement to follow-up with the advice that will be provided to you in regards to your tree or shrubs
  • A call to "The Tree Whisper" for any questions or concerns you may have, in order for "The Tree Whisper" to address
  • Prompt Payment for "The Tree Whisper" Services


                                 Tree In Stress                       Tree After "The Tree Whisper"       


For More Information:

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