Portfolios can be a fantastic way to record and demonstrate student growth and learning throughout the year. Over time my portfolios have grown from being memory books to reflections of student learning. For a project for a class at National-Louis I created a Live Binder on using portfolios with ELLs.

Here is how I organize student portfolios:

First step is to get a file box!

In the file box, I have a hanging file folder for each student. After assignments are graded, I sort the work into the file folders.

Every Friday afternoon I take all of the work out and return it to the students. Included with their work is a Portfolio Entry Slip (see below). Students pick one item they would like to put into their portfolio and put all the rest of their work in a separate pile. While students are filling out their Portfolio Entry Slip I walk around and staple the rest of their work for the ease of transporting home.

Easier to manage--> I will call over one student a time, have them pick their portfolio item (they take the rest of the work and put it in their bookbag) and then students fill out their portfolio entry slip.

Each student has a one inch binder where they store all of their portfolio items.

This is an example of the entry slip that my student has completed. His reason for including the spelling test is: "It is all corcect and I have 10 out of 10 and that means I did good!"

Another example. This student's reason for including the item in her portfolio is: "I did my best on it and I like it a lot a lot and I wanna remember it." The portfolio entry slip is at the bottom of the page.

File folders cut in half can be great page dividers. If affordable, regular tabs are great.

Page protectors can be very useful for protecting items that aren't easily 3 hole punched.

I secured funding through Donors Choose to finance these portfolios.
Karyn Keenan,
Apr 27, 2011, 4:27 PM