Welcome to Dennis Morrison's The Time Hoppers website.  The Time Hoppers are very special to me as I believe that God gave them to me.  I have used them since 2000 to teach in Sunday School and Children's Church and in other formats as well.  But first who are the Time Hoppers?
They are Professor Dan Collins who is an eccentric inventor.  His greatest invention is a time machine which his children nick named The Time Hopper.  Speaking of children they are 12 year old Danny Collins and 9 year old Charla Collins.  They are joined in their adventures by the Professor's best friend, Dr. Dave Bensko and his 12 year old nephew David Evans.  Together they go on many adventures into the past to see how Christians in other times lived. 
    The Collins' live on "Collins Island" in Small Lake, which itself is part of Small Lake Township in rural northeast Michigan.  Their house is a large old Victorian structure named "Morning Glory Cottage."  David Evans spends his time between living on the island and living with his Uncle Dave on the mainland.
    Here on their website, you will get to know the moving story behind how the Time Hoppers came to be as well as sharing in some of their adventures.  I will try to post new ones every month or so. 
Besides my having used them to teach about Jesus and the Bible, the Time Hoppers have been used on the mission field in Africa as well as many other churches.  Their pre-historic ancestor, Chief Tomuqua, is featured quarterly in a full page cartoon feature called, "Chief Tomuqua's Tales," appearing in Indian Artifacts Magazine published by Gary Fogelman.  Often times Danny, David and Charla make appearances in these cartoons.  I hope you will come to love the Time Hoppers as much as I do.
     Please feel free too write to me and let me know what you think about their adventures.  You can even suggest an adventure and who knows, maybe I will write it and use it right here in the Time Hoppers Website.  So take a look around, enjoy and have fun!!!!!!

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 **** The photos on this page are Dennis M. Morrison Sr., creator of the Time Hoppers and David P. Israel Jr., Dennis' son in Christ who the Time Hopper character of David Evans is based on.