The Tidal North Pacific Group

The Tidal North Pacific Group is a startup founded by the Artist Carolina Teresita, who 
believes: not only is it possible to clean up the large area of trash known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but aims to possibly transform the 7 million tons of plastics, garbage, and waste into recyclable material; And in using waste-to-energy technology: transform a percentage into usable energy, oil and possibly fuel as well. 😊

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a swirling pool of trash and plastic waste, estimated to be in the upwards of 7 million tons, up to 9 feet deep, and accumalating in an area estimated to be twice the size of Texas. 

Besides recycling plastics what else can we do with so much trash and garbage floating in our Ocean?  The Tidal North Pacific Group believes there may be many possible solutions. One being turn trash into energy in a process known as Waste-to-energy which is already in use.  
Another solution being: to build on or create a new technology where plastics can be pyrolized into hydro carbon fuels since plastics contain both hydrogen and carbon.  
According to the Department of Energy, in the United States, plastics are produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas processing and feedstocks derived from crude oil refining. 
The possibility of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and finding ways to *recycle or *reuse that waste is endless. 

There are many benefits that may come from cleaning up the area known as the great Pacific Garbage Patch  located in the North Pacific Ocean. From a cleaner ocean, to restoring a better environment for the Marine fish and wildlife,  *to possibly converting a large abundance of matter into waste-to-energy, oil or fuel. 

If possible could you imagine 7 MILLION TONS of matter waiting to be turned into energy or fuel? An absolute goldmine!
Tidal North Pacific Group is quite excited about the possibilty of using the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as a RESOURCE for new areas of ENERGY. If possible 7 million unclaimed tons await us to either be recycled reused or turned into energy or oil. 

Plastics can be used to create other products when recycled.   

* *Many Waste-to-Energy facilities already exist 

Right now many countries are trying to turn plastics into oil or energy, The Tidal North Pacific group hopes to be at the forefront in the United States turning 7 million tons of swirling garbage into energy, recyclable materials and possibly fuel using the waste in the area known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  

The Tidal North Pacific Group is a startup founded by the Artist Carolina Teresita, you can contact me on Twitter at @artistCarolina or by email if you would like to partnership in this amazing startup opportunity to clean up the ocean & begin transforming waste into profitable energy.  


Thank you for visiting my page I hope to hear from you & be sure and read up on my other startups. 

- The Artist Carolina Teresita 🏄