These are the United States of America Constitution Tests as we envision the articulate framers / founding Fathers would see the government operate - course correction too. 
  FOREWORD:  The Exhibited TESTS.  For over 200 Years, the proposed United States-nation has waxed ever more diminished in its morality, in its unity, its freedom and in its pursuit of truth and happiness for all.    

During the proposed Constitution's Planning Meetings, From May 14, 1787 to September 17, 1787, the "Father of the Constitution," Mr. Founder James Madison, repeatedly opposed the claim for a necessity of any "bill of rights" for the purpose of controlling the "federal" government.


Due to the promptings of Mr. Founder Thomas Jefferson, who convinced Mr. Founder Madison that there was at least the need for a "bill of rights" for the sake of the Several States themselves, that he should consider for them.


On October 17, 1788, in response to Mr. Founder Jefferson's petitioning him on the subject, while still remaining firm as to his original opposition for a "bill of rights" being needed for purposes of controlling the "federal" government, Mr. Founder Madison wrote Mr. Founder Jefferson, in a letter, the following words, reflecting the state of the proposed Constitution, as he himself understood and believed it to be, at that time:

  "At the same time I have never thought the omission a material defect,     Finishing his words with these words:  

... nor been anxious to supply it even by subsequent amendment." (emphasis added). Mr. Founder Madison states further in his enlightening letter, "I have not viewed [a bill of rights for the necessity of controlling the federal government] in an important light--1. Because I conceive that in a certain degree . . . the rights in question are reserved by the manner in which the federal powers are granted."


For Legal Minds considering those two words, "material defect," and realizing that Mr. Founder Madison has just stated that, for purposes of controlling the "federal" government, he has said that the proposed Constitution, as it originally was at that time, was (and still is) virtually perfect, or that it contained [no] "material defect" for that purpose.


That, there being No Material Defect in the Original proposed Constitution, as it Was (and Is), Mr. Founder Madison held its Pure Power as being So Absolute that IT - Constitution - was to be able to Control the "Federal" Government, Absolutely, BY ITSELF, In Every Conceivable Way Necessary for a Happy and Prosperous Several States - Forever!


SO POWERFUL IS THIS IDEA, that we are caused to wonder Why he, Mr. Founder Madison, was unable to covey its True Power to the others in government in those times, and what HE knew about the proposed Constitution that HE Could Not Tell, that the multitude of Law Professors, Judges, Attorneys and Lawyers, and Other Students of the Law, do not have the vaguest idea about - today.


Because the proposed 1787 Constitution, First Session, as it really is, is discovered to be SO POWERFUL, we have come to realize that Mr. Founder Madison was unable to disclose and enlighten the People of his time, because there were certain men, whose hatred of being Controlled by any Power greater than their own will, that they, by their own wicked political Power, would have Scrapped It, the proposed Constitution, in a Heartbeat if they had Known, or been made aware of by Mr. Founder Madison, Exactly How Powerful it Actually Is  --  by which reason, Mr. Founder Madison Took those Secrets of the proposed Constitution With Him...to his Grave.


In the year of 2003, as a result of the work and studies of 52 Professors of Law, some of the most brilliant and inspired and understanding thinkers and researchers that our proposed nation has to offer, preferring, for obvious reasons, not to be particularly identified at this time, these Secrets of Mr. Founder James Madison, that he had Taken to his Grave, Began To Come Out.


Today, these Exhibited TESTS, Strategically and Legally TESTING Key Parts of the proposed Constitution, one Part against the Other, and all of them against the Facts and Understandings of Their Times and of Our Times, FORCES the Rewriting of U.S. History, at least on a What Should Have Been Basis;


And Yet Must Be Implemented Today, Regardless, Except It Be Proven, Beyond Doubt, that these TESTS Do Not Reveal Exactly What Their Disclosures Prove That They Do.