Meet the Ttones

 Tenor 1s

Mark Arand has been a member of the Testostertones for four years, and is currently serving as the group's principal arranger and musical director. He has a passion for acapella music cultivated long before coming to Whitman college, and has been overjoyed at the opportunity to continue doo-wapping during the school year. Mark has arranged a number of the group's pieces, including our Disney medley and Boyband medley, which were each awarded top honors at Whitman's choral contest. In his spare time, Mark valiantly attempts to complete his dual major in music composition and psychology. He is also in the WC Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band on the Trombone, and tries to fit in a production at Harper Joy theater when he has the time. To any aspiring arrangers out there, he offers this advice: try adding a 2nd to that last chord. 


David Fleming hails from the small (well, rather large) town (more like city) of San Francisco, CA.  One day, on a family excursion to ride with the sea lions, young David wandered off, across the Golden Gate Bridge and 10 years later found himself amidst an indigenous tribe of singing men from Whitman College.  His future plans consist of finding a golden ticket and winning Miss America.  Other activities David takes part in include chess boxing, cheese rolling, and quilting.

Clayton Collins is from Salem Oregon. Clayton is nice. Clayton likes jokes. Clayton had a rock collection when he was little. Clayton played water polo. Clayton often asks questions. Here are some questions that Clayton likes to ask: "How do you spell misspelled?" "What is a quotient?" "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" "What is your favorite venereal disease, and why?" If you see Clayton at a party, around campus, or anywhere else really, do not hesitate to express your love for him, or at least tell him a joke. He likes that. 

 Tenor 2s  
Jasper Bash is a senior Biology major from Berkeley CA. Does he wear chacos on occasion? Yes. Has he been to Telegraph avenue? Again, yes. Does this mean he is the flower child of the ttones? Definitely not. Jasper has essentially earned his MBA (minimum bankruptcy achievement) working as the business manager of the tones for the past three years, and plans to take the money and run to Mexico after his graduation.

Adios Muchachas!

Keiler is a sophomore Politics major who was born on the corner of First and Amistad, which happens to be the site of an epic cowboy battle that incorporated many states into the US. His favorite game to play is hide and seek, and when someone comes across him he has an uncontrollable urge to wail “you found me, you found me”. He spends an inordinate amount of time on the floor, feeling claustrophobic, adrift or hesitant. He never receives messages or letters, a fact that he still disdains. Keiler has impeccable timing, and is frustrated when someone is “just a little late”. He feels incredibly at home in the Ttones, and tells them every practice “why’d you have to wait to find me”, because he’s so gosh darn happy to be part of the group.


Mcebo Maziya is a tenor two, and is most notably known as MC due to the South African "Xhosa click" in his name which many have chosen to refrain from pronouncing. Sadly, many who have tried to say his full name have ended up in the hospital due to tongue maldies which have ensued over the years. Although M(insert click here)ebo is a tenor two, he is best known for his soprano-esque belting and authentic church-style riffs and runs which have allegedly caused testifying and Baptist church hollering from the audience. Armed with an unapologetically bold falsetto and an abundance of sass, many have called him a male diva. As a proud South African he also does not hesitate to expose those who are ignorant about Africa and African people. Many have heard him comically say, “Africa is a country”, “I live in a hut and go to school on an elephant” as well as say “I unda-st-and NO Eng-Rish.” He has a profound love for jazz, RnB and old school music and is always ready to dance and socialize. Lastly, he is an aspiring politics major and hopes to one day open an Academy of Rhetoric and Sass. 


Stephen Toyofuku was born at the far corner of the globe in the harsh tundra of Alaska, to a stranded Japanese pilot, and the daughter of an Inuit Chief. The young couple moved to Hawaii and has since lived there since he was 5 years old. As a youth on Oahu Stephen maintained his childhood dream of reaching the Olympics for mens free style figure skating, but in the fall of 2002 was cut from the US junior Olympic team. Since then Stephen has hung up his skates from a music stand, and ha been happily singing since that fateful fall. Stephen enjoys dogs, washing machines, and collects rare birds. 


Nik Hagen comes from Rochester MN, the land of medicine and snow.  Though he has figured out how to navigate the Whitman campus relatively well, he still occasionally runs in to a wall or two (a common problem when one's high school is a circle).  Nik's future plans are to win the lottery and live in a big house with a big waterslide from his bedroom windo into the pool that will be stationed directly behind his house that he will realistically use twice every year but will look really cool, and thats all that matters.  Nik would also like to clarify that he has a Canon (not Nikon) Camera and does love taking photographs.


Charlie O'Rourke is a male brunette baritone who enjoys giggling, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and heated discussions about ancient mythology and The Lord of the Rings. He is a senior theater major who also plays for the Sweets (Whitman's club Ultimate Frisbee team). Charlie has been singing in the Testostertones since his freshmen year, and has enjoyed it immensely. Charlie likes to think of himself as the energetic one in the group. Being loud and encouraging is one of Charlie's best qualities, or so he's been told. However, when singing Charlie enjoys wooing his listeners rather than berating them with positivity. In his last year at Whitman, Charlie really wants to have fun. As Marvin Gaye said: "I think I’ve got a real thing going. I love people. I love life and I love nature" Go TTones!

Dylan Martin hails from Louisville (not LOO-EY VILLE, as telemarketers would have you believe), CO, a town which is the current #1 of Money Magazine’s “Best Small Towns in the U.S.” (but it’s not like he’s bragging or anything.)  When not bro-ing out in the T-Tones, Dylan enjoys notoriety as “that guy who won’t stop singing”, “that guy who won’t shut up in class/his room/ever”, or “that guy with a perfect body” (citation needed).  Holla.

Jason Morrison

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Honolulu HI, Aaron Do was eating coconuts and pineapples when the ancient spirit of his ancestor surfed up to him and said "go to school you lazy bum." Having nothing better to do, Aaron surfed to Washington (all Hawaiians are excellent surfers) and became a student at Whitman. After adapting to the technological lifestyle of Americans, he now studies astronomy and physics to bring science back to his village and become the next chief. He enjoys long walks on the beaches in some of his computer games, and exploring the internet.


He also sings.

Greg Safranek

Nick Tacke is from Boise Idaho, and feels a deep personal connection to Rihanna as they share the same birthday.
Many thanks to Allie Felt for the photos