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School sponsorship

Education is critical anywhere in the world. But in Ethiopia, it can mean the difference between grinding poverty and a chance in the new world economy. One child’s education can free a whole family from generations of hopelessness.

Tesfa Foundation schools are largely funded by private donations. Your $21 a month pays the entire cost of one child’s kindergarten education. Become a sponsor and you can follow a school's progress and learn more about the children in attendance. Find out firsthand what your help means.

Why sponsor a kindergartener? With no publicly funded options in early childhood education, an unsponsored child would stay home during these critical developmental years.

What happens to the children after kindergarten? The Tesfa Foundation stands by its alumni. Through partnerships, through sponsorships, through after-school tutoring, we will ensure our children’s opportunities for educational excellence - all the way to college.

Ripple Effect:  By sponsoring one child, you are offering the whole family (average family size in Ethiopia = 7) an opportunity to escape a long-running cycle of poverty. If our average school serves 150 children, that can mean opportunity for 1,050 children and family members per year!