Tesfa relies almost entirely on the donations of private donors.  Please help sustain our programs by subscribing to an automatic recurring donation or by making a single 
donation in any amount.

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If you prefer, checks can be mailed to:
The Tesfa Foundation
PO Box 581302
Minneapolis MN 55458

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General Program Funds
No one likes to admit it, but there is management involved in aid work. What we all object to are excessive costs in management and fundraising, which is why you give to a small, grass-roots charity like the Tesfa Foundation, in which the board is all volunteer, US staff is minimal, and healthy trust and training are invested in local staff in Ethiopia.

Please contribute to our efforts by donating to the fund that keeps the organization running. Thank you!

Five schools in three years!
School 1: Funded by Liz and Jon Moss
School 2: Fundraiser led by Liz and Jon Moss
School 3: Fundraiser led by Meg and Jeff O'Connor
School 4: Fundraiser led by the East Family
School 5: TBD

$21 per month ($252 per year) helps sustain a school and allows one student to attend for a year.

Help support some of Ethiopia's most vulnerable runners.

Support shelter for young women as they gain skills that will last a lifetime.

Young men on Team Tesfa's running team mentoring young boys from the streets of Addis Ababa.