The Tesfa Foundation was founded in 2004 to commemorate the life of Leeza Woubshet. 
Hope is a virtue that meant the world to her. Her greatest dream was someday to help the children of her native country of Ethiopia and guide them to real hope in their lives. 

Leeza, (Fregenet Woubshet), a 29-year-old American citizen of Ethiopian origin, died in an auto accident in the summer of 2003. She had just completed her education in accounting, and was about to embark on the work she saw for herself ahead: the support of her family in Ethiopia and, in the longer term, the assistance of the children of Ethiopia.

She wanted to found a school for disadvantaged children in Addis Ababa. After she died, a group of friends and family decided her dream wouldn't die. From this emerged the Tesfa Foundation.

The first school to be opened with Tesfa support was the Tsegereda Memorial Kindergarten, opened in October, 2004, in a very impoverished northern district of the city called Shiro Meda. The name of the school, Tsegereda, was suggested by Leeza's mother. She said that Tsegereda, or Rose, was Leeza's nickname when she was little. Today, the Tsegereda School is still going strong. Its first graduates are working their way through primary school, several of them routinely at the top of their class.

By 2006, Tesfa was expanding beyond this base, funding two new schools outside of Addis Ababa. Supporters in the UK formed an affiliate organization in England, Tesfa-UK, which partners with the US organization on several major projects.
In 2007, Team Tesfa was founded. This program grew out of Dana's interest in the runners of Ethiopia. There are thousands of amateur long-distance runners in Addis Ababa, both men and women. They lead hard lives, pursuing success in Ethiopia's favorite sport with scarce resources. And among these struggling athletes are many teens who have fled the countryside, escaping arranged marriages or bleak futures on farms that are far from any schools. They find themselves very vulnerable in the capital city. Team Tesfa seeks to address these needs of women and girls in vulnerable circumstances.

By 2014, Tesfa had participated in the builds of ten schools in Ethiopia. Team Tesfa is thriving, with 50+ athletes competing in Addis Ababa. Women athletes intern in primary school settings, assisting teachers and librarians, and reading to children. More of them are learning computer skills in preparation for careers after running.

We hope that Leeza would have been proud! 

Founder & Executive Director
Dana Roskey
Dana was a teacher for many years in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Inspired by the commitment of his fiancee, Leeza, to provide education to disadvantaged children in her native country of Ethiopia, Dana was moved to establish the Tesfa Foundation after her untimely passing. Since then, he has served as executive director of the Tesfa Foundation, spending the better part of each year in Ethiopia.

US Staff

Scott Wolf, Support Services
Scott has been with the Tesfa Foundation since its inception. He is a musician and lives in Minneapolis. With a background in banking, commercial insurance, and at the YWCA  he loves putting his customer service, sales, and administrative experience to work so that Tesfa can achieve its mission.

Ethiopia Staff
Yemisrach Worku, Tesfahun Andarge, Ejigu Tefere, Coach Birhanu

Board of Directors
Julie Corby
Julie is a writer living in Los Angeles.  She and her husband adopted a brother and sister from Kololo, Ethiopia in 2009.  She has been a Tesfa board member since 2011.  

Jeffrey Grier
Jeffrey joined Tesfa in 2012 and believes in the ability for education to uplift a community.  He lives in Minneapolis and studies business at the University of Minnesota.  His professional background includes employment with the U.S. Department of State and service in the U.S. Army.
2004: The Tsegereda School opens, a kindergarten serving 60 underprivileged children in the Shiro Meda district o Addis Ababa.

2006: Schools 2 and 3 open in Mojo and Debre Zeit, towns near Addis Ababa.

2006: Tesfa UK founded in London

2007: School 4 built in a village outside Bahir Dar in northern Ethiopia

2007: Team Tesfa founded.

2008: School 5 opened in Mojo and Teen House founded.

2009: School 6 opened in the Mercato district of Addis Ababa.

2010: School 7 built in the village of Ekodaga outside Chancho.

2012: School 8 in the village of Kololo in the Kembata-Tembaro region.

2013: Schools 9 and 10 built n the Kembata-Tembaro villages of Azedebo and Fundame