Part 4

posted Dec 5, 2011, 11:57 AM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Dec 15, 2011, 7:58 AM ]

Below is an email from me to my friend Charles dated June 3, 2009. 

The subject read, “My Very Interesting Conversation with the CEO”— who at this time had only been with the company (in Massachusetts) just over a month:

The CEO came into my office this morning and said that he had been meaning to talk to me. 

He asked me how things were going and what it was I was looking to do. He asked me how old he was.

He told me that he has noticed that I am a) a very talented guy, b) underutilized, c) lost/stuck and d) needing to figure out how to maximize that talent. 

He also said that I haven't really been given the support/kick in the pants to figure out what it was I REALLY wanted out of life and what I REALLY wanted to do with it. He said that I probably do know (which I probably do) -- he brought up my acting background. 

He also said that if he were my age again, he would figure it out and pursue it. 

I asked him about an opportunity in LA -- he said that he sees no reason to do the same job in LA that I was doing here in MA if that is not what I wanted to do and was unhappy doing it. 

It seems to me that he is opening the door for me to bounce if I so choose and have something to bounce to or a bouncing plan in place. 

I am still lost and uncertain about what to do next. The only thing I do know is that I want to go back to LA.


Below is his response:

You know, a couple of Mondays ago, Moneca and I had a convo about why this job, or any job, doesn’t click with you. It has nothing to do with your work ethic, job performance or willingness to learn. You’re just not doing what you should be doing or in the environment you should be in.


I resigned the following week. Six months later I was back in LA working for yet another ad agency. For the first time, it was solely because I needed the money. I worked hard and I wanted to be a rock star Account Executive, but I had no desire for any level of ascension or longevity with the company.

And I didn’t get it either.