Part 10

posted Dec 16, 2011, 7:59 AM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Dec 16, 2011, 8:06 AM ]

There's a Difference Between Business and Bullshit

So how does one go about launching a writing career?

I haven’t a clue. In fact, I could be completely wrong about my ability to do so. Or I could be completely right. Or somewhere in the middle. The only thing I do know is that it starts by simply WRITING something, putting it out there for the world to see and letting the right people (or any people for that matter) discover it.

I’ve started asking people if I can write about them for the website or incorporate them into an Erick story. Most have been quite enthusiastic about this even though my website, like many of them, is still one of those up-and-coming entities.

People often ask me how many people have read my blog. I honestly don’t know. Between my Facebook profile, my Facebook fan page, Twitter and any of the three or four websites my shit posts to as well as the blog itself, I have no way of knowing. I know that people are reading but the lack of comments on my articles and stories could be a good thing or a bad thing. Or it could just be what it be.

I am not sure if what I do is too niche or if people just aren’t interested. And I have less of a clue as to how to generate greater readership. I am sure there are ways of doing it, but I either don’t know what they are or I don’t want to do them. There are things I just don’t find necessary to do and so I won’t do them. That could wind up being a mistake or a smart move. Only time will tell.

That’s the funny thing about everything going on. So many people claim to know enough about what is going to happen that they speak confidently, vaguely and with enough “outs” to not be sued should they turn out to be incorrect. I am of the belief that no one knows anything and we are all just trying to make some sense out of what is degenerating and devolving into a random, senseless crapshoot.

I feel oddly confident about my intention to simply write, put it out there and let things happen as they should. And they should involve someone discovering my brilliance and wanting to work with it in the same manner the heads of my high school theatre department did upon discovering my comedic talent when I was a sophomore, utilizing it until I graduated and still appreciating it to this day.

And that’s all I really want -- to have my talents appreciated and cultivated. To be supported. To find longevity. To be in demand. To find meaningful work with people I respect who also respect me.

It’s a shame so many people consider that to be a pipe dream. It should not be “part of the job” to deal with corporate bullshit. MossCorp will be a bullshit free atmosphere or you’ll be asked to leave. Perhaps it’s today’s laws that force such bullshit, but MossCorp will be about business, not bullshit – and there is a difference.