The Nominees for and Winners of the 2012-2013 Stewart Award

posted Aug 2, 2013, 3:45 AM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Oct 1, 2014, 5:49 PM ]
I’ve followed the Emmy Awards since 1992. My first memory was when Candice Bergen won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Murphy Brown (her third of and eventual five) and then the series itself won Outstanding Comedy.

From that point on, I researched the history of the award and its winners dating back to the first presentation in 1948. Every year, I looked forward to the nominations and then tried to predict the winners. Every year, I was stunned by the shunning of great shows like Roseanne and Home Improvement at the hands of five-time winner Frasier and great actors such as John Goodman and Tim Allen at the hands of four-time winner Kelsey Grammer and three-time winner John Lithgow.

So by the late 1990s, I had grown weary of the incessant repeat wins and created my own award called the Stewarts (so named after the root beer bottles of the same name that I collected as a clearly very tragic teenager). I created my own categories, nominated who I wanted and selected the winner. I then went back and did the same for every year beginning with the 1948-1949 TV season.

My selections changed and were updated since then as I developed a better understanding of and set my own standards for what constitutes award-worthy TV by exposing myself to more and more TV shows of this and bygone eras.

For a listing of past winners in 11 marquee categories, click any or all of the below links:

            Best Comedy Series

            Best Comedic Actor

            Best Comedic Actress

            Best Supporting Actor

            Best Supporting Actress

            Best Drama Series

            Best Dramatic Actor

            Best Dramatic Actress

            Best Supporting Actor

            Best Supporting Actress

            Best Variety Series

Last year, I made drastic changes to my award by eliminating nominations in the main acting categories because there is just too much competition from the growing number of viable cable networks out there to effectively reflect the best of television in any given season as I would want to. So I just have multiple winners in those categories. 

I made an additional change for this year: I only allow one winner from each show in the leading categories and up to two winners in the supporting categories. All other categories have nominees and winners since the competition in those areas is much less intense.

Below are the 2012-2013 nominees (in categories that have them) and winners of the prestigious Stewart Award:

The 2012-2013 Stewart Awards 

Comedy Series – The Big Bang Theory, CBS
            The Middle, ABC
            Modern Family, ABC
            Parks and Recreation, NBC
            Raising Hope, FOX
            30 Rock, NBC
            Veep, HBO 

Comedic Actor – Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory; Matt LeBlanc, Episodes

Comedic Actress – Tina Fey, 30 Rock; Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

Supporting Actor – Max Greenfield, New Girl; Ed O’Neill, Modern Family; Chris Messina, The Mindy Project; Ty Burrell,                Modern Family

Supporting Actress – Cloris Leachman, Raising Hope; Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory; Merritt Weaver, Nurse                          JackieWendie Malick, Hot in Cleveland; Anna Chlumsky, Veep

Drama Series – Southland, TNT
            Scandal, ABC
            Breaking Bad, AMC
            Downton Abbey, PBS
            Homeland, SHO
            Game of Thrones, HBO
            Shameless, SHO
            Mad Men, AMC

Dramatic Actor – Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy; Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad; Gabriel Macht, Suits; Damian Lewis,              Homeland

Dramatic Actress – Claire Danes, Homeland; Kerry Washington, Scandal; Emmy Rossum, Shameless

Supporting Actor – Michael Cudlitz, Southland; Ron Perlman, Sons of AnarchyTony Goldwyn, Scandal; Jeff Perry,                   Scandal; James Purefoy, The Following

Supporting Actress – Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad; Bellamy Young, Scandal; Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter; Joan Cusack,                         Shameless

Variety Series – Key and Peele, COM
            The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, COM
            The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CBS
            Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC
            The Colbert Report, COM 

Performer in a Variety Series – Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live
            Jason Sudeikis, Saturday Night Live
            Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
            Keegan Michael Key, Key and Peele
            Jordan Peele, Key and Peele 

New Series – Major Crimes, TNT
            The Mindy Project, FOX
            Nashville, ABC 

Younger Actor – Cameron Monaghan, Shameless
            Nolan Gould, Modern Family
            Atticus Shaffer, The Middle
            Rico Rodriquez, Modern Family
            Charlie McDermott, The Middle

Younger Actress – Eden Sher, The Middle
            Ruby Jerins, Nurse Jackie
            Emma Kenney, Shameless
            Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men
            Carly Chaikin, Suburgatory 

Guest Actor, Comedy – Bob Newhart, “The Proton Resurgence”, The Big Bang Theory
            Matthew Broderick, “Mistery Date”, Modern Family
            James Marsden, “Mazel Tov, Dummies”, 30 Rock
            Will Arnett, “Game Over”, 30 Rock
            Will Forte, “My Whole Life is Thunder”, 30 Rock
            BJ Novak, “Harry and Mindy”, The Mindy Project 

Guest Actress, Comedy – Elaine Stritch, “My Whole Life is Thunder”, 30 Rock
            Shelley Long, “Arrested”, Modern Family
            Mary Steenburgen, Wilfred
            Brooke Shields, “The Hose”, The Middle
            Georgia Engel, Hot in Cleveland
            Elizabeth Banks, “Best Men”, Modern Family 

Guest Actor, Drama – Gerald McRaney, “Heroes”, Southland
            Dan Bucatinsky, “Nobody Likes Babies”, Scandal
            Nathan Lane, The Good Wife
            Matthew Perry, “Death of a Client”, The Good Wife
            Ray Romano, Parenthood
            Michael J. Fox, “Boom De Yah Da”, The Good Wife
            Harry Hamlin, Mad Men / Shameless
            David Costabile, Suits 

Guest Actress, Drama – Mary Beth Piel, The Good Wife
            Kate Burton, “Blown Away”, Scandal
            Patricia Arquette, “Dreams Deferred”, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
            Debra Mooney, Scandal
            Carrie Preston, The Good Wife
            Linda Cardellini, “Mad Man with a Plan”, Mad Men 

Comedy Writing – The Middle
            The Big Bang Theory
            Modern Family
            30 Rock
            Key and Peele
            Raising Hope
            New Girl

Directing for a Comedy – Raising Hope
            30 Rock
            The Big Bang Theory
            Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23          
            The Middle
            Modern Family

Writing for a Drama – Breaking Bad
            Downton Abbey
            Mad Men 

Directing for a Drama – Southland
            Game of Thrones
            Breaking Bad
            Sons of Anarchy
            The Following

Comedy Ensemble – The Middle

Drama Cast – Shameless

Episode – “Mazel Tov, Dummies”, 30 Rock; “Mistery Date”, Modern Family; “Blown Away”, Scandal; “The Rains of                         Castamere”, Game of Thrones; “In Care Of”, Mad Men; "Q&A", Homeland

Wins by Series:

Scandal – 5
            Dramatic Actress – Kerry Washington
            Supporting Actor – Tony Goldwyn
            Supporting Actor – Jeff Perry
            Supporting Actress – Bellamy Young
            Episode – “Blown Away” 

The Big Bang Theory – 4
            Comedy Series
            Comedic Actor – Johnny Galecki
            Supporting Actress – Mayim Bialik
            Guest Actor – Bob Newhart, “The Photon Resurgence” 

Southland - 4
            Drama Series
            Supporting Actor – Michael Cudlitz
            Guest Actor – Gerald McRaney, “Heroes”

30 Rock – 3
            Comedic Actress – Tina Fey
            Guest Actress – Elaine Stritch, “My Whole Life is Thunder”
            Outstanding Episode – “Mazel Tov, Dummies” 

Breaking Bad – 3
            Dramatic Actor – Bryan Cranston
            Supporting Actress – Anna Gunn

Modern Family – 3
            Supporting Actor – Ed O’Neill
            Supporting Actor – Ty Burrell
            Outstanding Episode – “Mistery Date”

The Middle – 3
            Younger Actress – Eden Sher
            Comedy Ensemble 

Shameless - 3
            Supporting Actress – Joan Cusack
            Younger Actor – Cameron Monaghan
            Drama Cast

Sons of Anarchy – 2
            Dramatic Actor – Charlie Hunnam
            Supporting Actor – Ron Perlman 

Raising Hope – 2
            Supporting Actress – Cloris Leachman

Homeland – 2
            Dramatic Actor – Damian Lewis
            Dramatic Actress – Claire Danes 

Veep – 2
            Comedic Actress – Julia Louis-Dreyfus
            Supporting Actress – Anna Chlumsky 

Episodes (Comedic Actor – Matt LeBlanc)
New Girl (Supporting Actor – Max Greenfield)
Suits (Dramatic Actor – Gabriel Macht)
Hot in Cleveland (Supporting Actress – Wendie Malick)
Nurse Jackie (Supporting Actress – Merritt Weaver)
The Following (Supporting Actor – James Purefoy)
Dexter (Supporting Actress – Jennifer Carpenter)
Key and Peele (Variety Series)
Saturday Night Live (Individual Performance – Bill Hader)
The Good Wife (Guest Actress – Mary Beth Piel)
Game of Thrones (Episode – “The Rains of Castemere”)
Mad Men (Episode – “In Care Of”)
The Mindy Project (Supporting Actor - Chris Messina)

Facts and Figures: 

- Though it didn’t win Outstanding Drama Series, the biggest winner by sheer numbers is ABC’s Scandal with five wins – Best Dramatic Actress (Kerry Washington), Best Supporting Actor (Tony Goldwyn), Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Perry), Best Supporting Actress (Bellamy Young) and Outstanding Episode (“Blown Away”).

- The Big Bang Theory is the first CBS series since Everybody Loves Raymond in 2005 to win Outstanding Comedy.

- Southland is the first TNT series to win Outstanding Drama and ends the record-breaking five-year run of Mad Men in the category. Its win also extends basic cable’s run of the category to six years and that of cable as a whole to seven. The last broadcast series to win Outstanding Drama was 24 in 2006.

- 30 Rock ends its seven-year run with 19 Stewart Awards (this year’s wins in Bold):
            Comedy Series – 2008, 2009
            Comedic Actor (Alec Baldwin) – 2008, 2009, 2011
            Comedic Actress (Tina Fey) – 2009, 2013
            Supporting Actress (Jane Krakowski) – 2012
            Writing – 2008, 2009
            Directing – 2011
            Guest Actor (Paul Reubens) – 2007
            Guest Actor (Will Arnett) – 2008, 2012
            Guest Actress (Carrie Fisher) – 2008
            Guest Actress (Elaine Stritch) – 2009, 2013
            Episode – “Live Show”, 2011; “Mazel Tov, Dummies”, 2013 

-  Matt LeBlanc wins his second Stewart Award after a 2002 win in the now-defunct category of Outstanding Continued          Performance by an Actor in a Comedy Series for Friends. This is in addition to three Ensemble Awards for Friends                 (1996, 1999 and 2002).

- Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins her third Stewart Award after a 1994 win as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Seinfeld and a 2010 win as Best Comedic Actress for The New Adventures of Old Christine.

- Mayim Bialik wins her second Stewart Award after a 1991 win as Best Younger Actress for Blossom.

- Claire Danes wins her third Stewart Award after a shared win as Outstanding Dramatic Actress last year for Homeland and a 1995 win as Best Younger Actress for My So-Called Life.

- Bryan Cranston wins his third Stewart Award after a shared win last year as Outstanding Dramatic Actor for Breaking Bad and a 2003 win as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Malcolm in the Middle.

- Ron Perlman wins his second Stewart Award after a 1989 win as Best Dramatic Actor for Beauty and the Beast.

- Outstanding Supporting Actress Cloris Leachman won her first Stewart Award in 1973 as Best Single Performance for the “My Brother’s Keeper” episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She repeated that win the following year for “The Lars Affair” episode of the same series, but had to wait 29 years to win again – and again as Best Guest Actress, but this time for Malcolm in the Middle.

- Though losing out as Outstanding Drama Series for the first time after five consecutive wins, Mad Men wins it 31st Stewart Award with the naming of “In Care Of” as one of the Outstanding Episodes.

- Bryan Cranston (Dramatic Actor for Breaking Bad), Damian Lewis (Dramatic Actor for Homeland), Claire Danes (Dramatic Actress for Homeland), Anna Gunn (Supporting Actress for Breaking Bad), Bill Hader (Individual Performance for Saturday Night Live) and Eden Sher (Younger Actress for The Middle) all repeat their wins from last year.

- Elaine Stritch repeats her 2009 Guest Actress win for 30 Rock.

- Ty Burrell wins his third consecutive Stewart Award for Modern Family.

- Despite lengthy careers, comedy legend Bob Newhart and Gerald McRaney (forever known to many as Major Dad) win their first Stewart Awards -- though Newhart’s eponymous 1972-1978 sitcom won Best Comedy Series in 1975.