It's a Web Series Called "Just Us Guys": Think "Gilmore Girls" with Guys, but Don't Dwell on That Too Much

posted Apr 2, 2013, 10:35 PM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Aug 16, 2014, 9:36 AM ]

Submitted for your approval: Scott, a single gay man, has an unorthodox relationship with his straight teenage son Max. Think Gilmore Girls with guys -- but don't dwell on that too much.

Created, written and produced by LA-based TV writer Chris Lilly (whom I personally know from Musical Mondays at Eleven) through his Chriptonite Entertainment, Just Us Guys is a refreshing new take on the ever-evolving concept of family. 

Daniel Marks, Jr. stars as Scott, the manager of a comic book store and avowed comic book nerd. A big kid at heart, he led a largely carefree existence -- until five years ago when Max entered the picture after his mother passed away. (Sidenote: this is background information I happen to know. It was only alluded to in the first episode and may or may not factor into the final one next week.) Matthew Boehm co-stars as Max. Though a typical teenager and a fellow comic book nerd, Max is essentially the adult in the relationship.

An avowed fan of Gilmore Girls, Lilly drew inspiration for the Scott/Max relationship from the Lorelai/Rory relationship at the heart of the popular 2000-2007 WB/CW dramedy best remembered for its fast-pace, ping-pong banter and dialogue-heavy nature. Just Us Guys is similarly driven by dialogue.

Lilly took his concept, wrote an hourlong pilot script and launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project. Such an endeavor proved to be quite an undertaking for an independent team with full-time jobs, so it was soon decided that four webisodes would be far more feasible and easier to fund. Lilly reformatted his original script, restructured scenes where necessary and filmed all the episodes the weekend after Thanksgiving last year.

Below are the four episodes that constitute the first season:

In this first, Scott and Max try to get tickets for Comic-Con. It's a simple plot that effectively establishes the Scott/Max dynamic and simultaneously introduced us to their individual characters.

In Episode 2, Scott gets a new assistant at the comic book store. The episode introduces two new characters: Elsie (the hilarious, scene-stealing Phylicia Goings), Scott's new assistant and Amy (Claudia Dibbs), Scott's co-worker. Daniel MK Cohen guests as Gary, a frequent but demanding customer. Be on the lookout for a cameo from Chris Lilly himself, the show's shaggy creator, writer and producer.

Episode 3 should cause some controversy with a discussion about the difference between nerds and geeks. Find out which one Scott and Max are. Scott's co-worker Amy (Claudia Dibbs) returns while another new character Sean (Charlie Smith) is introduced as Max's friend -- but we don't find out which side his nerd/geek fence he falls.

Which are you? A geek or a nerd? And which do you think Sean is? Feel free to ask the Just Us Guys people. I did. You'll be frustratingly surprised by the answer.

In the season finale, Dylan the bartender has a special surprise for Scott and Max. Returning for this episode is Charlie Smith as Max's friend while Todd Carlton Lanker appears as the bartender Dylan for the first time. Comedian Ryan Stout shows up in a cameo as himself. 

The finale leaves us with two lingering questions for the hoped-for second season: What exactly is the history between Scott and Dylan? What is the current status of their friendlationship? 

Closing out the first season is the February 26 discussion panel with Q&A held at The Actor's Company in Hollywood, CA that was moderated by the actor JP Karliak.   

Please help Just Us Guys spread the word about itself. Help Us build even greater demand for Season One so that there can be an even bigger and better Season Two with LONGER EPISODES, a CONTINUING STORYLINE, an introduction to a character you HAVEN'T met who will create DRAMA for Scott and Max. STAY TUNED! 

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