If I Ran a Cable Television Network: A Pitch (of Sorts) for the New Net90s

posted Feb 17, 2014, 8:05 AM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Aug 16, 2014, 9:34 AM ]

Last October, I wrote a piece about how I would run a broadcast television network – at least from a programming standpoint. I lamented the current state of broadcast television and made several brilliant suggestions to the broadcast networks for remaining just ahead of TV’s evolutionary curve.

Shortly thereafter, I thought about how I would run a cable network – at least from a programming standpoint. But instead of taking an existing network and reprogramming it, I created one of my own. Granted, there are already hundreds in existence, but despite that proliferation, there is still a void not being filled since a lot of them seem to go after a similar demographic with exploitative, combative reality programming.

I call my new cable network Net90s -- aimed at, but not directly or entirely, products of the 1970s who grew up in the 1980s and came of age in the 1990s.

We’ll launch with a mix of acquired programs hailing from the early, middle and late 1990s and, unlike most cable networks, original scripted programming – which will hearken back to that 1990s style of television comedies and dramas about families, characters and their interrelationships as they face relatable situations.


Terrence and Doris Logan – a long-married fortysomething couple send their youngest son off to college – and now their marriage truly begins.

Twins of Anarchy – time-jumping stories about a family with twin boys based on the blog of the same name.

My Mother and Me – an early thirtysomething woman has to adapt to the evolving relationship between her and her newly teenaged son.

Just Us Guys – a gay thirtysomething has an unorthodox relationship with his straight teenage son.                                  

The Two of Us- an unlikely friendship forms between a gay black man from the northeast and a straight white man from Texas when they become roommates in the East Bay.

I Am Erick Davidson - a long-single gay early thirtysomething who finally, but tentatively, enters into a relationship.

On Her Owna 22-year-old young woman fresh out of college lands a job, moves out of her parent’s house and into an apartment with two girlfriends from high school.

The Happy Homemaker – an interracial gay couple raises an adopted son.

This Life – a sixtysomething retired from a long career as a teacher tries to find his way in a changing world and a family that’s all grown up.

Thirty-plus & Some – a thirtysomething moves in with his mother and her mother, who don’t like each other.

The Stag – a broken-hearted straight guy takes solace with a group of gay men.

Lockwood Drive - a close-knit Italian family lives on the same street in the same archetypal New England town.


Anthology – a series of dramatic adaptations and original works featuring an array of guest-starring actors and actresses as well as a revolving door of reperatory players.

The Shepherd – a young man steps out from the apprenticeship of a veteran pastor to take over a church of his own.

Extended Family – a young man has a dubious relationship with his large family.

Open Road – two men, unsatisfied with their dead-end lives, decide to pool their money and embark on an extended road trip.


In Living Color – weeknight strip

Wings - weekday strip

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – weekday strip

Blossom – weekend strip

Home Improvement – weeknight strip

Roc – weekends

Mad About You – weekday strip

Martin – weekends

Ellen – weekday strip

Grace Under Fire – weekday strip

Living Single – weekends

Caroline in the City - weekends

Cybill - weekends

3rd Rock from the Sun – weekday strip

Moesha – weekends

Suddenly Susan - weekends

Cosby – weekday strip

Veronica's Closet - weeknight strip

Sports Night - weekends


Northern Exposure – weekday strip

Sisters – weekday strip

Picket Fences – weekday strip

Homicide: Life on the Street – weekday strip

New York Undercover – weekday strip

My So-Called Life – weekends

Murder One - weekends

Chicago Hope – weekday strip

ACQUIRED YOUTH PROGRAMMING (Saturday and Sunday Mornings)

Saved by the Bell

Tiny Toon Adventures



Rugrats (first nine seasons only)

Welcome Freshmen

Salute Your Shorts



PRIME (MON-FRI 8:30-11:30P, SAT-SUN 8PM-12M)

(January-April, July-October)

830pm             Terrence and Doris Logan         (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 Twins of Anarchy                        (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             Terrence and Doris Logan         (New episode)
10pm               Twins of Anarchy                        (New episode)
1030pm           Terrence and Doris Logan        (Encore)
11pm               Twins of Anarchy                        (Encore)
830pm             My Mother and Me                     (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 Just Us Guys                                 (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             My Mother and Me                     (New episode)
10pm               Just Us Guys                                 (New episode)
1030pm           My Mother and Me                     (Encore)
11pm               Just Us Guys                                 (Encore)
830pm             On Her Own                                 (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 I Am Erick Davidson                   (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             On Her Own                                 (New episode)
10pm               I Am Erick Davidson                   (New episode)
1030pm           On Her Own                                 (Encore)
11pm               I Am Erick Davidson                    (Encore)
830pm             The Shepherd                               (Encore)
930pm             Anthology                                     (New episode)
1030pm           Anthology                                     (Encore)
830pm             The Happy Homemaker             (Repeats)
9pm                 The Stag                                         (Repeats)
930pm             Thirty-plus & Some                     (Repeats)
10pm               The Two of Us                              (Repeats)
1030pm           This Life                                         (Repeats)
11pm               Lockwood Drive                            (Repeats)
8pm                 Terrence and Doris Logan          (Repeats)
830pm             Twins of Anarchy                        (Repeats)
9pm                 My Mother and Me                      (Repeats)
930pm             Just Us Guys                                 (Repeats)
10pm               On Her Own                                  (Repeats)
1030pm           I Am Erick Davidson                   (Repeats)
11pm               Anthology                                      (Repeats)
8pm                 The Shepherd                                (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 Anthology                                      (Previous week’s episode)
10pm               The Shepherd                               (New episode)
11pm               The Shepherd                                (Encore)

(April–July, October–January) 

830pm             The Happy Homemaker             (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 The Stag                                         (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             The Happy Homemaker             (New episode)
10pm               The Stag                                         (New episode)
1030pm           The Happy Homemaker             (Encore)
11pm               The Stag                                         (Encore)
830pm             Thirty-plus & Some                     (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 The Two of Us                              (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             Thirty-plus & Some                    (New episode)
10pm               The Two of Us                             (New episode)
1030pm           Thirty-plus & Some                    (Encore)
11pm               The Two of Us                              (Encore)
830pm             This Life                                         (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 Lockwood Drive                           (Previous week’s episode)
930pm             This Life                                         (New episode)
10pm               Lockwood Drive                           (New episode)
1030pm           This Life                                         (Encore)
11pm               Lockwood Drive                           (Encore)
830pm             Extended Family                          (Encore)
930pm             Open Road                                    (New episode)
1030pm           Open Road                                    (Encore)
830pm             Terrence and Doris Logan         (Repeats)
9pm                 Twins of Anarchy                        (Repeats)
930pm             My Mother and Me                     (Repeats)
10pm               Just Us Guys                                 (Repeats)
1030pm           On Her Own                                 (Repeats)
11pm               I Am Erick Davidson                    (Repeats)
8pm                 The Happy Homemaker              (Repeats)
830pm             The Stag                                        (Repeats)
9pm                 Thirty-plus & Some                      (Repeats)
930pm             The Two of Us                              (Repeats)
10pm               This Life                                          (Repeats)
1030pm           Lockwood Drive                           (Repeats)
11pm               Open Road                                      (Repeats)
8pm                 Extended Family                           (Previous week’s episode)
9pm                 Open Road                                     (Previous week’s episode)
10pm               Extended Family                           (New episode)
11pm               Extended Family                           (Encore)


3rd Rock from the Sun                                6-7A
Cosby                                                              7-8A
Living Single                                                  8-9A
Mad About You                                            9-10A
Grace Under Fire                                         10-11A
Ellen                                                                11A-12N
Wings                                                              12N-1P
New York Undercover                                1-2P
Homicide: Life on the Street                      2-3P



Northern Exposure                                       3-4P    
Sisters                                                             4-5P
Picket Fences                                                5-6P
Chicago Hope                                                6-7P


In Living Color                                             7-830P



Sports Night                                                 1130P-12M
Caroline in the City                                      12M-1A
Suddenly Susan                                            1-2A



Tiny Toon Adventures/Animaniacs         6-7A
Rugrats/Doug                                               7-8A
Salute Your Shorts                                      8-9A
Welcome Freshmen                                     9-10A
Fifteen                                                            10-11A
Saved by the Bell                                         11A-12N



Blossom                                                         12N-2P
Moesha                                                          2-4P
My So-Called Life                                        4-5P
Cybill                                                              5-7P


“Acquired Plus” Programming                   7-8P


Paid Programming                                      12M-6A


Tiny Toon Adventures                               6-7A
Animaniacs                                                   7-8A
Rugrats                                                         8-9A
Doug                                                              9-10A
Fifteen                                                          10-11A
Saved by the Bell                                        11A-12N


Martin                                                          12N-2P
Living Single                                                2-4P
Roc                                                                4-6P

SUNDAY ACCESS                         

In Living Color                                            6-8P


Paid Programming                                      2-6A

You might be wondering how this network and its programming would be financed. The answer is...that's not my problem. I'm the idea guy, not the money guy.