"Child of the 70's": A Recap of the Second Season

posted Aug 11, 2013, 9:37 PM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Aug 16, 2014, 9:36 AM ]

Child of the 70s, the web series I co-wrote with the show’s creator, producer and star Michael Vaccaro, posted its second season finale last week.

Vaccaro stars in the web comedy as Carlo Perdente, whose life in NY falls apart just as he’s presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: moving to Los Angeles to be the personal assistant to his favorite 1970s TV icon, KiKi Lawrence (the superb Ann Walker) – who turns out to be more of a nightmare than he could ever have imagined.

The first season of the unabashed homage to 1970s TV sitcoms focused primarily on getting Carlo from NY to LA, but things picked up in the seven-episode second season as Carlo finds love (in the form of the delectable Leo Forte), makes new friends (in the forms of David Zimmerman and Geri Jewell – who plays herself), fends off repeated advances from KiKi’s husband (frequent Oscar writer and Hollywood personality Bruce Vilanch), contends with KiKi’s estranged daughter (the hilariously over-the-top Claysey Everett) and endures a visit from his overbearing family (with a new Mama in tow).

All seven second season episodes are posted below:

Episode 2.1 – “It Never Rains in Southern California” 

Carlo begins his new life in California – with a bang.

With Ann Walker. Geri Jewell guest stars. Leo Forte joins the cast as a new love interest for Carlo. David Zimmerman makes his first appearance as a new friend of Carlo’s. And Terry Ray returns as the self-involved James Hunter.

Episode 2.2 – “Lonely People”

Carlo and Joe have their first (two) dates and KiKi exposes a vulnerable side after kicking her husband out of their house.

With Leo Forte. Bruce Vilanch makes his first appearance as Larry Lawrence.

This episode features a wonderful performance by Ann Walker.

Episode 2.3 – “I Love You” 

Carlo blurts out his love for Joe in the heat of a moment. Aunt Connie and Cousin Alfonso call in with some news.

With Leo Forte and Ann Walker. Bruce Vilanch makes his second appearance as Larry Lawrence. Susan Olsen (Cindy from The Brady Bunch) guest stars as Larry’s boss Nickel. Carole Ita White guest stars as Aunt Connie. Chuck Saculla guest stars as Cousin Alfonso. And Claysey Everett joins the cast as Ann’s estranged daughter Bonita.

Episode 2.4 – “The Bonita Triangle 

KiKi’s daughter Bonita causes trouble for KiKi, Carlo AND Joe.

With Leo Forte, Ann Walker, David Zimmerman, Terry Ray and guest star Geri Jewell.

Claysey Everett as Bonita is hilariously obnoxious in this episode.

Episode 2.5 – “Pop Goes the Question” 

After fighting with Joe and alienating Bernie, Carlo turns to returning guest star Geri Jewell for advice.

With Leo Forte, Ann Walker, David Zimmerman and Terry Ray.

Episode 2.6 – “The Wedding, Parts 1 & 2” 

Carlo’s wedding day goes anything but smoothly.

With Leo Forte, Ann Walker, David Zimmerman, Terry Ray and Claysey Everett. Geri Jewell guest stars as herself, Susan Olsen (The Brady Bunch) guest stars as Nickel, Sheena Metal guest stars as Nickel’s girlfriend Sioban, Pamela Silverman guest stars as the wedding officiant, Modela Kurzet appears as a wedding guest and Mark Povinelli appears as another wedding guest -- who takes an interest in Carlo’s friend Bernie.

In returning guest starring roles are Duane Boutte as Carlo’s best friend Weezy, Carole Ita White as Aunt Connie, Greg Lucey as Carlo’s father, Chuck Saculla as Cousin Alfonso, Laura Harden as Carlo’s grandmother. And introducing Lynne Marie Stewart as Carlo’s mother.

In a double episode already chock full of guest stars and special appearances, be on the lookout for two others as well.

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