The Best of Erick Davidson

posted Oct 9, 2012, 8:01 AM by Terrence Moss   [ updated Oct 9, 2012, 8:06 AM ]

Now that all 200 Erick Davidson stories are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, I thought I'd offer up links to the best blogisodes from that collection. There are 29 stories, but technically 36 since I grouped two-parters together.


"The Drag Show" and  "The Drag Performer" - a two-parter in which Erick discovers a secret about an office crush.


"The Comic" - a stand-up comedienne singles out Erick.


"The Applicant" - Erick interviews a candidate with an intriguing past.


"The Pregnant Lady" - a pregnant woman causes problems for Erick during a bus ride.


"The Keller Introduction" (a continuation of "The Applicant") - Erick introduces his boyfriend Chris to a new co-worker.


"The Secret is Out" (a continuation of "The Drag Performer") - Word spreads about Erick's office crush.


"The Waitress" (a continuation of "The Pregnant Lady") - Erick tries to keep his identity a secret from his server at a restaurant.


"The Father" - Erick leaves a Father's Day voicemail for his father and recalls his greatest memories of him for Chris.


"The Eugene Date" - Erick goes out with a friend of his he's never met.


"The Chaperone" - Erick goes on a business trip to escort kids from the inner city to host families in the suburbs.


"The Occurrence" - Erick and Chris discuss an unexpected development that arises during "dessert".


"The Stag" and "The Consideration" - In this two-parter, Erick and Chris take Chris's straight roommate, despondent after a breakup, to their favorite gay bar.


"The Letters 'T' and 'C'" (a continuation of "The Secret is Out") - Erick's questions about his office crush are answered when he meets their person of interest.


"The Birthday Dinner" - Erick's boyfriend Chris makes a surprising offer.


"The Third Eugene Date" (a continuation of "The Eugene Date") - Erick and Chris "express" themselves with Eugene.


"The Thanksgiving Visit" and "The Thanksgiving Dinner" - Erick flies to New Jersey for the holiday where his father makes a surprising announcement.


"The Critics" - Erick and his boyfriend Chris's negative review of an independent film are overheard by its director.


"The Church House" - Erick and his boyfriend Chris go to church with their friends April and Grayson.


"The Mother Christmas: Ohio Edition" and "The Mother Christmas: California Edition" - In this two-parter, Christmas with Chris's family is followed by a visit to Erick's mother and grandmother.


"The Dog Sitter" - Erick's friends Mitch and Cole ask him to take care of their dogs while out of town.


"The Replacement" (the sequel to "The Comic") - Erick performs stand-up comedy.


"The Work Story" - Erick is laid off.


"The Sick Boy" - Erick takes on Chris's boss when Chris falls ill.


"The Tired" and "The Desk" (a follow-up to "The Occurrence) - In this two-parter, Erick finds Chris's amorous ways exhausting...and embarrassing.


"The Public Display" - Erick shies away from holding Chris's hand when a young man aims a slur at them.


"The Loan" - Erick tries to collect on a long-overdue debt.


"The Ex, Part 1" and "The Ex, Part 2" and "The Ex, Part 3" - Erick's boyfriend's visiting ex causes problems.


"The Mother and the Grandmother" - Erick takes his mother and grandmother to his favorite gay bar.


"The Decisions to Be Made" - The final blogisode (so far).

Now for some breaking news...

I am in the process of editing the current book down to a more palatable length for a broader audience that won't necessarily give a shit that I've written 200 stories and made them available in one place. Many of the earlier stories and the more bloggy entries have been eliminated, leaving only the stronger pieces that help advance the general storyline of the story series itself. 

Another brilliant set of eyes is going through the truncated edition as I write this, which I hope to have available by the end of 2012 or early 2013.