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THE Place for Original Longform Content

Welcome to the Terrence Moss Enterprise, THE place for original longform content -- most of which is of my own creation. 

There is no breaking news, celebrity gossip or pop culture nonsense here. What you will find here are media commentaries, reaction pieces, articles and essays from the world's foremost opinionist -- me. 

You will also find The So-and-So Profiles of up-and-coming actors and actress who discuss their work, approach to craft, hopes and aspirations. 

For fans of fiction, there is the recently-concluded short story series "I Am Erick Davidson", about a single mid-thirtysomething living in Los Angeles but living a decidedly atypical LA existence. 

The 200 collected blogisodes from the series are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

You can also check out my blog "Terrence Moss Presents" for more from the inner workings of my mind. 


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3/29: The Happy Homemaker: "Is It January Yet?", "Holiday Opt-Out" and "...There Is a Santa Claus..."

3/18: The Happy Homemaker: "Hey, Girlfriend!" and "Pierpont's Crisis"