Sendai Terminal 1A: Singapore Airlines' Ramp and Jetways

Sendai Terminal 1B: Lufthansa's Ramp and Jetways

This pack of repaints has been long awaited and is finally out! This pack includes two airlines: Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. The Singapore Airlines aircrafts include the A388, B744, B742, B7E7(789), B752, and BA-shared Concorde. The Lufthansa aircrafts include the A388, B744, and B742. The A388 was from Real Pack, B744 and 742 from Hirose, B7E7 from takaty, B752 from Owl, and Concorde from Oranleed. I placed a lot of effort into this I believe this is my best work yet! I think it is amongst the best out there! Enjoy!

1/29/07 Updated the .lst file errors and now compatible with ETNU's YS Installer.
2/11/07 Updated with new landing gears and other smaller features on the 747s.