5/6/07 Released the Random Pack with a jetBlue a320.

4/14/07 Updated the 747s Pack with a PIA 743.

3/18/07 Updated the SQLH, CX70s, and the 747s Pack.

3/4/07 Released Cargolux and Virgin Atlantic 744s.

2/17/07 Released Cathay Pacific repaints in 1970s livery.

2/11/07 Updated the Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa repaints pack.

1/28/07 Released Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa repaints. Launching of this website.

12/29/06 Released British Airways and Air France repaints.

12/16/06 Released the Space Shuttle and Related Aircrafts Pack.

12/1/06 Released AF1.


Welcome to The Terminal Jetway where you will find addons for the flight simulator YSFlight. Our main goal is to direct you to your flight to where ever you wish to go.

The Main Terminal is the addon site for passenger aircrafts. The Private and Military Hangar is the addon site for private and military aircrafts. The Expansion site is for projects I am currently working on. The Office and Other Places site is for contact and links.

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