The 10 Hottest Girls in College Tennis

A look at the sexiest, ball-busting, co-ed college tennis players in America. Very niiiiice.

10) Tara Byrne.   

East Tennesse State.

Tara, 5'9", plays 4 singles for the Buccaneers. She is studying Business.

9)Nadia Demidenko  

George Washington University

Nadia, a 5'8" freshman, plays 1 singles for GW.

8) Tara Iyer

Duke University

Tara, 5'8", plays 3 singles for the Blue Devils.

 7) Claudia Wasilewski

Miami University 

Claudia, 5'4", is from France. She plays 5 singles for the Hurricanes. 

6) Tanvi Dudhela 

University of Michigan 

Tanvi, 5'8", plays 6 and 7 singles for Michigan.







5) Maria Anisimova 

University of Pennsylvania

Maria is a nationally ranked doubles player and plays 3 singles for Penn.

4) Melissa Valenzuela

Sacramento State

Melissa, 5'10", plays 2 singles for the Hornets.


 3) Ali Borowicz 

UC Irvine

Ali plays 6 singles for the Anteaters.






2)Elena Volobueva

East Tennessee State 

Elena, 5'10" is from Barcelona, Spain. She plays 5 singles for the Buccaneers.

1)Brittany Beswick 

University of Hawaii  

Brittany, 5'9", is a freshman. She plays 6 singles for Hawaii. She is the hottest player in the country.

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