Lewis Black on Broadway

This guy is fuckin' hysterical!  - Lewis Black Multimedia

Lewis Black:

Lewis Black on Broadway talking about how America ISN'T #1

"Other countries are giving shit away for free everyday, you know what canada gives away? HEALTH INSURANCE!!"

Lewis Black on Broadway (on water)

"Aqua Fina, do you know what I think that means? The end to all water as we know it!"

Lewis Black on Queers

"We got a war going on, one thing after another, and what did our president think is important? Queers! That is what is important, if we could just stop the gays from getting married everything would be fine! There would be solar energy!"

Lewis Black on Gay Banditos

"We should put it in the constetution becuase us hetero sexuals had to write it down incase we forgot who we are supposed to marry..."

Lewis Black Hunting (Dick Cheney)

"Dick Cheney, that's all I have to say, you don't even have to say Dick Cheney the guy who shot his friend while hunting."

Lewis Black the Devil's Handibook

"Was the earth created in 7 days? No..for those of you who believe it was, you christians, well let me tell you, then you do not understand the Jewish people,we jews understand it did not take place in 7 days, and that's because we know what we are really good at, bull shitting."

Lewis Black How to Stimulate the Economy

"Now what you do is you build a big fucking thing, I don't care what it is, but you have to build a big fucking thing, and then the economy will explode because people will say I want to see the big fucking thing!"

Lewis Black is Milk Good or Bad?

"Is milk good or bad? I rest my case, and most of you are sitting there thinking fuck I'm an adult I don't have to drink that shit any more!"

Lewis Black on Nuclear Holocaust

"They would show this film blowing up everything, cows, fuck, milk, schools, teachers, blown up against the back board, but there were the children hiding safely under there desk."

Lewis Black on Small Pox and Greedy People

"We are susceptible to a Small Pox out break in this country because the vaccines that I was told would last forever, wore the fuck off!"

Lewis Black on George Bush

"The strangest thing about George Bush to me is you can't really call him stupid and you can't really call him insane, however a lot of time when he speaks his face doesn't really match his words, that is kind of strange.."