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Michael Myers - Coffee Talk - SNL of Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Wayne's World) featuring Madonna and Roseanne Bar
Draw Play 2 - Draw to get the guy to the flag

Watch and Review New Movies - Watch New Movies Online for Free

The Soup - Watch The Soup Condensed Television Show Online

Monome Light Kit - Video of Bright White LEDs Piano-type thing

Funny GIFs and Boneless Girl (grab and throw with mouse):

Chris Farley Dancing-----------------------------------Fat Kid Playing DDR

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iMeem New Music News: (updated constantly)

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Amautalab - Space, Forest, Ocean Works

Bar Code Art - Find Your Bar Code, and lots of Cool Art

Math, Physics, and Engineering - 3d Animated Graphics!

National Geographic Videos - In the Ocean - Cool Video!

Lady Liberty Fireworks - Click for Lots of Pretty Fireworks!

Most Hilarious Random Images from PSP Spot - Leave a funny phone message for friends! 

That Guy with - Classic Animaniacs Moments 

The Moonlit Road - Ghost Stories! BOH!

PSYOP - Amazing Video Creator and Cool Site

2008 US Movie Box Office - Interactive Chart (Batman Wins)

Cell Phone + Microwave = ?????  -  Watch And See - People from all over the world; Up Close

Watch Simpsons, Family Guy, and other Full Fox Shows

typoGenerator - Enter Text and Creates a Cool Picture of it

Funnel Design Group - Amazing Interface for a Site

Side View Generator - Enter a Word

America Free TV - Comedy

Online Alarm Clock 

X3 Studios - Digital Branding / Interactive Media

Avenua A | Razorfish - Leads All Things Digital

Adam - Hysterical guy; watch video blogs and movies previews. - bored? insomniac? then watch movies in this TV screen.

Special Defects - Walk on Virtual Sand, plus more Flash

Uncontrol - Cool flash applications, Eyes, Clocks and More

We Feel Fine - Unique Java site of people's emotions/feelings

Periodic Table of Elements - Just in case you were wondering; Chemistry Basics

eight principles of life - the eight principles of life!

Repeating Picture of a Guy - picture of a guy in a picture

Lively - Create a Google Virtual World Person and Talk to others

Day of Birth - things that happen on the day you were born

Mice n Drugs - that mice and drug thingy

Cool Bikes - Really cool futuristic bikes on earth

World-o-Meters - Life Meters of the earth

Global Tree House - This is a Global Tree House

Human Mirror - This is a Human Mirror, enjoy! - The Big Picture - Great Picture Blog

Life of a Long Islander - The One True Voice

MSNBC - Photo  Stories

Tek-Min-Now - Computer Safety & Technology Blog

Get In Shape 2008 - Work Out Blog

This Is What Really Grinds My Gears Blog

Worse Than Yours - Funny Pictures that are Bad

Jake And Amir Dot Com - Funny Sketch Video Blogs - What do you need help with? - Hysterical Videos - Real Life Facebook Video 

Panda Page - Field Guide To Americans: Italians Post

STORG.NET - Rate Random Stories and Jokes

Flabbergastedly - The Faces of Earth

17 Things - What are some stylish gadgets?

Imeem - listen to music free, and social networking sites.

Grooveshark Lite - Listen to music online & create playlists

SeeqPod - Playable Search and Find. Discover. Watch. Listen. Share.

Musicovery - Listen to some music.

Pandora - Use pandora to listen to any music.

Juggler - Can You Juggle These Balls?

Save The Bunny - Can you save the bunny's life?

Deal or No Deal? - Play the TV Game on you Computer

NANACA CRASH - Japanese Funny Game

Card Toss - Can you toss the cards in the hat?

Air Force Test Game - Can you avoid the moving blocks? - Science & Nature - Put the Sheep to Sleep Game - Flash Game - Thing Thing 4

Ant City - Big Magnifying Glass Game - Destroy the City

Continuum - 2-d Star Wars Shooter Massive Multi-player Game

Linux Continuum (not windows) - 2-d Massive Multi-Play Shooter

Tron - Fun and addicting snake like game vs. computer or a friend

Maze Frenzy - Try to get out of this maze it is very difficult

Fly Swatter - "How fast can you swat those flies?" in 3-d Fly Swatting

Winterbells - Snow Bunny Jumping on Bells, try to reach the top

Cubeoban - Move blocks to solve the puzzle

Jamaican Pac-man - Very funny version of Pac-Man

Pac-xon - Fill in the board and watch out for the ghosts

Laser Reflections - Reflect the laser to win

World's Hardest Game - This game is impossible

POOM! - Bounce the ball to a high score

Fetch Fido - Eskiv by jf, try and get all the squares

Bubble Blaster - destroy all the bubbles in this addicting game

Get The Glass - Cool 3-d Board Game about Milk

Curveball - Pong in 3-D and make the curve count

De-Animator - Shoot zombies in this flash shooting game

Physaxe - haXe Physics Engine to throw blocks

Cubefield - Drive a triangle through squares to the end

Toon Crisis - Real World First Person Cartoon Shooter

Dino Run - Run away from the comet

Apple Shooter - Shoot apple off guys head, he dies if you miss

Doritos: The Quest - Solve these puzzles to win $100,000

The Game Zone - lots of fun free games; Arcade, Board, Card, Puzzle, and more!

Games for the Brain - lots of games and measures your IQ while playing!

BettspielWelt Games - play these multi player games online

Allonga - All Online Games; lots of fun free games here

Wallpaper Hunter - Free Awesome Backgrounds for any PC

DeviantART - Cool Computer Enhanced Background

Digital Art Fantasy - Incredible 3d Generated Wallpapers 

Mathieu Raynault - Digital Matte Painter 

Eric Dover Studio - Magazine Spreads - Cool Pictures - Amazing Nature Photos

Amazing Planet - Great Pictures of the Planet Earth

Francesco Gallarotti Photography - Great Pictures

Boring3d Archive - Lots of cute 3d art

The Lotus Eater - wasted beauty - amazing drawings

Panoramas - Tomb of King Ramesses IV, cool hieroglyphics and Egyptian writing

Fractal World Gallery - Cool Designs and Backgrounds

49 Amazing Wallpapers - Paintbits Wallpaper Blog

Shinybinary - Art and Design of Nik Ainley

Depthcore - Freestyle III Release of ill drawing and grahics

Landscapes - Awe inspiring 3d rendered wallpapers