Welcome to the TEDx Classroom Project

The TEDx Classroom Project leads to the culminating project for the grade 10 Academic English course at St. Marys District Collegiate and Vocational School.  The students in Mr. Farmer's class will be using the TED Talks as a focus to display their skills in writing, critical analysis, and oral communication to persuade.  The project is displayed at a glance below and in more detail on the Task page. The project is a slightly modified version of the TEDx Project created by Christian Long.  You can follow his class work at the link below:

Project at a Glance:

Mr. Farmer's Grade 10 English class will be analyzing over 200 TED Talks.  Each student will be responsible for 5 Talks and must complete the following tasks:
  • Written Analysis of each Talk
  • Presentation of one Talk
  • Perform their own 5 minute "TED Talk" (culminating activity)

The project will run for a 5 week period, followed by the culminating student "TED Talks."

 Project Blog: