Videos About Tech Writing

You Tube has numerous videos about tech writing. Here, I've selected ones that provide the basics about being a tech writer.

Becoming a Technical Writer
This one-minute video provides a quick overview of the skills you'll need to start a tech writing career.

My Freelance Career: All About Freelance Technical Writing Jobs
This video discusses the types of content freelancers create, the average hourly pay, the work environment, the skills needed, and ways to get noticed when applying for a job.

A Technical Writer With Extra Privileges: Responding to a Question About Roles
Here you can learn about the types of documents tech writers create, projects that they are involved in, computer programs that are important in the field, and other information about the role of a tech writer.

What Is a Technical Writer?
Get a brief description of a tech writer and also see some examples of the types of content that they create.

What Is a Technical Writer?
This tech writer provides examples of the kinds of projects she has worked on.

Writing Career Advice: How to Become a Technical Writing
A professional in the field discusses the importance of technical skills and courses in tech writing.