Types of Tech Writing

What types of content do tech writers create? This can range from drafting a progress report for your supervisor to creating a training manual for coworkers--and just about everything in between and beyond.

For a view of what can be expected of a tech writer, take a look at the following links:

  • Traditional: These types of documents (eg, memos, letter, reports) are the primary means of communication for all companies, from high-tech fields to service providers. 
  • Journalistic: Professional journals, trade, and commercial magazines, company newsletters, and online magazines all offer opportunities for tech writers with a background in English or journalism.
  • Presentational: From giving an impromptu speech at a morning meeting to reading a conference paper, tech writers need to articulate their ideas clearly and concisely. This link looks at the kinds of presentations tech writers give. 
  • Promotional: Because tech writers have first-hand knowledge of a product and are adept in handling technical information, they sometimes create brochures, booklets, ads, and even public relations plans.