Ten Tips You Need Now

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Before you head out the door, check out these 10 tips from the National Association of Colleges and Employers:

1. Be clear about the time, date, and place of the interview, right down to the interviewer’s office. If possible, check the accuracy of the directions by driving there a few days before your appointment. On the day of the interview, arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will give you time to take a deep breath and review your qualifications.

2. Wear conservative (not trendy) clothes to accentuate your attributes, not your style of dress. Even if you know most employees dress casually, still wear business clothes.

3. Bring only what you need to the interview. A briefcase, portfolio, or folder is fine. You may also want to bring a small notebook and a pen, just in case you’d like to jot down any information.

4. Be sure to shut the ringer off on your cell phone so that it doesn't disturb you during the interview.

5. When greeting the interviewer, use his or her name and title. Be sure that you have the correct pronunciation. If you’re unsure, ask the person with whom you scheduled the interview.

6. Remember that your goal is to persuade the interviewer that you have the education, skills, and abilities to successfully fill the position. Show enthusiasm for the company. Let the interviewer know you are sincerely interested in joining the team.

7. Be conscious of the interviewer’s time. Answer questions concisely using specific, rather than general, statements. For example, instead of saying, “I’ve created a manual,” say, “I’ve created a 50-page PowerPoint manual that three departments have used.

8. Don’t discuss the following sensitive issues unless the interviewer brings them up first: health benefits, dental plans, vacation time, and salary.

9. Usually you have a chance to ask questions at the end of the interview. If so, put your research skills to use by asking a specific question about the department or the position.

10. End your interview on a positive note, thanking the interviewer for her time. Again,show enthusiasm for the position and ask when you will be hearing from her. Send a prompt thank-you letter highlighting your strong points. Good luck!