The following websites provide more information on tech writing, and most lead to additional web resources.

About Freelance Writing
Wonder what it is like to be a freelancer? Writer Allena Tapia provides this guide covering topics like how to start a writing career, where to find jobs, and how to get published.

Newbie Tech Writer
As the title suggests, Newbie is intended for those new to the tech writing field. The site is divided into three main categories:

  • Job Searching, which is a searchable database
  • Tools, which covers the software programs tech writers need to know
  • Resumes, which provides tips on resume writing and interviews

Writers Write: Technical Writing
Here you will find links to tech writing books, jobs in the field, information about the latest gadgets, and tools for tech writers, like writer’s guidelines.

The Art of Technical Writing
This blog provides insight into the types of skills that are needed to create an effective document.

Don’t Call Me Tina: Notes From a Technical Communicator
Do you want to get a peak in the world of a tech writer? Check out this blog from a manager in the field.

I’d Rather Be Writing
Are you interested in the latest information in the tech writing field? Here you can follow this tech writer’s blog, as well as check out videos and podcasts.

Technical Editors’ Eyrie
Here, you’ll get another view into the field of technical editing. Learn about what tech editors do and take a look at some of the resources this author offers.

Writing Assistance, Inc
This staffing company connects potential employers with professional writers, including tech writers, to work on a range of projects. Visit the site to get a real-world look at the types of documents tech writers create and the programs that they use.