Required Skills

What kinds of skills do tech writers need to be successful?

  • Background: Tech writers with a background in science and technology have an added level of expertise. But, it's not uncommon for tech writers to learn products, services, and computer programs on the job. 
  • Education: Many companies look for strong writing skills and experience in technical writing. Pairing these with a tech background gives applicants an advantage.
  • Writing skills: In Job Outlook 2008 Survey, communication skills were ranked high by a sample of employers. While certain skills can be learned on the job, a tech writer should bring her strongest skill with her: an ability to write clearly and concisely.
  • Computer skills: Tech writers have to constantly keep up with computer advancements. In some cases, that means learning computer languages and being able to create complex online documents. On the most basic level, tech writers should know a word processing program and a desktop publishing program.
  • Video production skills: This is yet another mode of communication that tech writers can use to reach out to their audiences. As a tech writer, you may need to know how to shoot and edit a video.
  • Personal strengths: Personal strengths, including the ability to work well with a team and strong organizational skills, increase a tech writer's chance of getting hired and being successful.