Since tech writers can have a range of background knowledge, skills, and specialties, there are many associations available to meet their needs. As someone interested in breaking into the field of tech writing, here are several organizations that can offer more information about this career option:

Association for Business Communicators (ABC)

Who’s ABC for? The association is open to a range of members—from business mangers to writers.

What’s their goal? To advance “business communication research, education, and practice”

What benefits do you get from becoming a member? Members receive two journals, discounts on conferences, the chance to create  a special interest group, and full access to their website, which includes a job board.

International Telecommunication Society (ITS)

Who’s ITS for? This society is for professionals in the fields of information, communication, and technology.

What’s their goal? To “research and analyze issues related to the emergence of a global information society”

What benefits do you get from becoming a member? You gain access to conference proceedings, discounts on events and publications, and a subscription to their journal.

The Society for Technical Communication (STC)

With over 14,000 members, STC is probably one of the best known organizations for tech writers.

Who’s STC for? STC members may be tech writers, editors, developers, designers, or other professionals who work in the field of technical communication.

What’s their goal? To advance “the arts and sciences of technical communication”

What benefits do you get from becoming a member? You will receive their publications, network with other professionals, be able to access to their job bank, save on courses, and have a chance to attend free seminars.