Ways to Improve your Blog or Personal Website

You might be thinking of how you can make your blog or website more effective. Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider.  A more effective website satisfies the needs of your readers and at the same time make your site friendlier to search engines. You may also want your website to become an investment that may generate some income in the years to come.

Have a future-proof niche for your blog or website. This means that the subject matter that your website focuses on should be something that would prove interesting as long as there are human beings on this planet. Don't deal with things that may come and go like the what seems to be the current craze in lifestyle or fashion.

Have a set of target keyword or phrase that your website should be working on. This will help you ensure that your content focus more precisely on the subject matter of your blog or website. Makes sure that your targeted keyword phrase appears in most of the pages of your site. Also, put internal links to pages that are closely related in your site.

Include only relevant articles in your blog or website. Irrelevant pages may only serve to distract your readers and reduce your site's relevance to your site's target keyword phrase. You should also avoid placing content that you have already posted in one of your other sites. Duplicate content can be a cause for your blog or website to be penalized.

Submit your site's URL to major search engines in the Internet. Search engines have their own way of letting you submit your site to them. Submission is free and you need only a web-based email address on the search engine that you want to submit to.

Create RSS feeds for your website and submit these to search engines and feed directories. This is one way of promoting your site to people who might be interested in your content. Search for site submission sites in the Internet and submit your site to them. Don't forget to submit your site to some local directories especially if you feel that your site is most relevant to the locality where you live.

Personalize your articles. This means writing in the first person and using first person personal pronouns in your articles. Not only would it make your writing more sincere but it would also help your articles more difficult to copy. It makes your write-up unique and difficult for the copier to attribute to him.

Another way of promoting your site is to join discussion forums whose subject matter is relevant to your site. Once you have posted a certain number of messages, you may be allowed to include links to your blog or website in your posts.

One way for your website to make money for you is to place advertisements on it. You can start with Google AdSense and then put advertisements from other Internet advertisement companies later on. Keep your site updated. Don't let your site get old without new updates for a long time. Always put fresh content in your site so your visitors will keep coming back.

Offer more personal service through your website. Make a page or create a link in your site where people could look for more information if they are interested in seeking professional help from you. It's also a good idea to include a link to your website on your email signature. You can also promote your site on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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