Turn your old Desktop Equipment into Peripherals for your Laptop

Everybody in the house is now using a laptop. No one it seems want to go back to the bulky desktop PC that is now in the attic and ready to be donated to people engaged in providing assistance to those in need. But wait, what can be done with that old desktop that could potentially save money and make it useful again?

We are in the midst of a financial crisis. We need to make our old equipment last for as long as possible. The fact that we have a new and better alternative to that old desktop does not mean that the old desktop would be useless from now on and would just occupy storage space in the house.

Let us do some thinking on how we could arrive at a winning solution to this dilemma. What if we can still make use of the old components of that desktop for use on our new laptop?

There are at least three ways by which that old desktop could be put to use again for the enhancement of your new laptop computer.

1. Use your old desktop keyboard and mouse with your laptop

Do you find it difficult to use the tiny keyboard and the small touch pad on your laptop? Worry no more for you can still use your old desktop keyboard and mouse on your new laptop. Just buy a PS2 to USB adapter and your problem is solved. Connect the PS2 equipment to one end of the adapter and then connect the USB end to the USB port on your laptop. Presto, now you can type faster and do your laptop work more conveniently using the full-size keyboard and the mouse that you have been used to working with your old desktop.

2. Use your old DVD writer as external optical drive for your laptop

The DVD writer that came with your laptop is not as durable as the ones used in desktops. If you have lots of CDs and DVDs that you want to play in your laptop, or if you by chance have a penchant for burning a lot of discs, then you would need to have a more durable additional optical drive for use with your laptop. Use the DVD drive that came with your laptop as sparingly as possible. Use instead your old desktop DVD drive as an external drive to your laptop.

Remove the old DVD drive from your desktop and set it aside. Purchase a CD or DVD drive enclosure from your favorite computer store. The enclosure should include the power supply and the USB cable that you can use to connect the external drive to your laptop. Open the enclosure and place your old DVD writer inside the enclosure. This is very intuitive and you can do it easily. Don't forget to attach the IDE connector inside to the back of your DVD drive. Close the enclosure and connect the USB cable to one of your laptop's USB ports. Now you have a heavy-duty DVD writer that you can use for playing or burning discs.

3. Use your old hard disk as external storage for your laptop

You can also make an external hard disk storage that you can attach through the USB port of your laptop. Remove your old hard disk from your desktop and set it aside. Buy a hard disk enclosure from your favorite computer store. You should check the the interface inside the enclosure that you would by is compatible with the interface of your hard disk drive. You should specify whether the enclosure's interface is IDE or SATA. Open the enclosure and place the hard disk drive inside it. Connect the IDE or SATA interface to the back of the drive. Close the enclosure and connect its power supply to your electrical outlet. Connect the USB cable that came with the enclosure to a USB port on your laptop. Now you have an external hard disk that can provide your laptop with additional storage.

You can use your external storage for backing up your files so that you can still have a backup copy of your data if something goes wrong with the hard disk inside your laptop. You can also use the external storage for large files that you need not want to be placed on your laptop's hard disk. You can also save all your files on the external storage and backup your files using the external DVD writer that you have just made.

So before you donate or throw away your old desktop computer, save the keyboard and mouse and remove the DVD writer and hard disk inside. You can still make them useful again as peripherals for your new laptop. In this way, you can save money and enhance the capabilities of your new laptop.

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