Surf the Internet Safely with your Firefox 4.0 on your Vista Laptop

Surfing the Internet safely ultimately comes down to a balancing act between convenience and safety. We want to do our Internet tasks easily and quickly while at the same time, we are concerned about the security of our personal data. Each one of us has different time constraint and security requirements. But all of us have the responsibility to keep our private information safe and our online activities secure from various threats that can harm us.

When it comes to Internet security, it is always best to err on the side of security rather than on convenience. Dispensing with small conveniences is a small price to pay for being safe with our online transactions. Let us admit that it is out own laziness and lack of concern for our safety that get us into trouble. Putting up with small inconveniences could go a long way in making our Internet life relatively safe.

Here are a few tips for making your Internet surfing safe with your Firefox 4.0 browser on your Vista laptop.

Set Firefox to Never Remember any of your Passwords

It is very convenient for Firefox to remember your username and passwords for the various Internet sites that you regularly visit. With this feature, you don't have to remember the different passwords that you use and you can save time on having to type each password for a particular site.

However, you should be aware that letting Firefox remember your passwords carries some risks. If your laptop gets lost or if you let someone use your Vista laptop using your login name, your personal and financial information could be compromised. Am unscrupulous user can open your email files or make transactions on your bank accounts without you knowing it.

It is a good practice to set you Firefox 4.0 not to remember any password that you use on different websites that you visit. To do this, press the Alt tab on your keyboard to show the browser's command bar. Then, click on Tools and then click Options. Click on the security tab on top of the pane and under Passwords, uncheck Remember passwords for sites. Then, click on the OK button.

Keep your Online Activities Private

What we do on the Internet is none of other people's business. There are people who have no better things to do than snoop on what others are doing online. But there are companies that pay for information on what websites we are visiting and what data we are looking for. Some unscrupulous websites go as far as planting a program in your computer to track your Internet activities without you being aware of it.

In its default setting, Firefox 4.0 keeps a record on what websites you have visited and allows websites to leave a small data on your computer to help them improve on how they serve your information needs. It also remembers the data you have typed on forms and the search terms that you have used to search for information on the Internet. It also keeps a copy of any media that you have viewed or listened to on the websites that you have visited. Indeed, Internet browsers collect a lot of data about our online activities most of which we would rather keep private.

Fortunately Firefox 4.0 provides at least three different ways by which you can control the private data that it collects as you surf the Internet. You can temporarily stop Firefox 4.0 from recording anything about your surfing activity, remove all or some of the browsing information that Firefox 4.0 has collected so far, or permanently stop Firefox 4.0 from keeping record of anything that you do on the Internet.

To stop Firefox 4.0 from recording any data about your surfing, press the Alt tab of your keyboard to show the command bar on top of your browser. Click on Tools and then click Start Private Browsing. A message will appear and from then on, Firefox will not record anything about your surfing activities. To let Firefox 4.0 continue recording data about your online activities, click on the Firefox drop-down button and then click Stop Private Browsing.

To remove some or all of the browsing data that Firefox 4.0 has so far collected, press the Alt tab on your keyboard, then click on Tools and then Options. Click on Privacy at the top of the window pane and then click on clear  your recent history. Choose which data you want to be removed and then click on the Clear Now button. Ay data that has been collected so far will be deleted by Firefox 4.0.

You can also permanently stop Firefox from collecting data about your surfing activities. To so this, press the Alt tab on your keyboard and then click on Tools and then Options. Click on the Privacy option at the top of the window pane and under History click on the choice Never remember history. Click on OK and Firefox will stop recording any data regarding your browsing activities.

Clear the Address Bar of Urls of Websites you have Visited

Just typing "www" on the address bar of your Firefox browser will bring about the Urls of the websites that you have visited. You can delete any Url that you don't want shown there by highlighting the Url and then pressing the Delete key of your keyboard. However, you can also stop Firefox 4.0 from showing suggested Urls on the address bar. To do this, press the Alt tab of your keyboard and then click on Tools and then Options. Click on the Privacy option on top of the pane and under the Location Bar, click on Nothing and then click the OK button. From hereon, you won't see any suggested Url when you type an Internet address on the location bar of your Firefox browser.

With these customizations on your Firefox browser, your information can be made safe and your confidential information can remain private. As each of us has different security requirements, you can customize your security settings based on your security needs. As security of your information is of paramount importance in your life, I suggest that you accept to make concessions for inconveniences in exchange for greater security of your private data.

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