Letting the Unconscious Mind Take Care of Search Engine Optimization

This is just an opinion about how search engine optimization (SEO) affects the readability of a written work. There is a danger of an article sounding artificial when search engine keywords are used to replace the words and phrases originally written by the author. It may be that on-page optimization should be made only on the HTML elements of the web page and not on the actual text of the written work. The actual text should already be optimized in a natural way when the author's unconscious mind supplies the keywords in the most appropriate places in the text.

When a piece of text that has been already written is edited to introduce search engine keywords, the context may become in danger of being destroyed, thus necessitating the revision of the sentence that can in turn require adjusting the adjoining sentences. Even with a good editor, it is difficult to avoid making the idea stream sound awkward and less readable.

We often hear of the phrase natural SEO or creative SEO which to me means the same thing as throwing the work of the SEO to the writer's unconscious mind. It would take, I think, some time and a good amount of mental work before a writer can develop his own natural SEO writing style.

The writer will typically struggle incorporating SEO principles in his writing at first and after sometime develop the SEO habit in his conscious mind. The writer continues writing at this level until a time comes when he no longer thinks about it, thus making the incorporation of keywords into the text seem appropriate and natural. It is at this point when keyword optimization has become an integral part of the writer's style when we can say that optimization has become an unconscious act and the resulting output a naturally optimized material.

I feel that this type of subliminal SEO cannot be taught in the conventional way by conducting some sort of seminar or workshop aimed at developing such skill in the writers. On the other hand, I think there is a natural progression in the skills of the writer that will undoubtedly lead to the way of the creative SEO. I hazard to say that it would take from six months to one year of writing for the Internet before the SEO habit is incorporated naturally in the writing style of the author.

I am not aware of any program or project that search engine companies are doing with respect to developing creative SEO skills among authors who are writing for the Internet. I would say that such a study or research project may be a good activity that search engine companies may undertake.

Our aim is to make the written work easier to read and understand and at the same time make the work easily found by the search engines. I don't believe that we have to sacrifice the readability of the written work in favor of it being easily found on the Internet. Creative SEO means raising the writer's optimization skills to the level approaching art. The effect that we want to achieve is making optimization almost imperceptible in a written work. However, there is still much work that need to be done to establish the theoretical and practical foundations of this seemingly unconventional approach.

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