Essential Guide to Using Computers and the Internet

This website contains articles that are intended to help you learn more and make better use of the computer and the Internet.

The computer and the Internet are mankind's most significant discoveries of the 20th century.

With the computer, man's brain had been extended tremendously, giving him an extra ordinary mental processing power. With the Internet, mankind's vast accumulation of knowledge had been placed at everyone's fingertips.

And with the advances in communications technology, each person has become within virtual reach of everyone, shrinking the world into a global village.

The articles deal with the  different aspects of computers and the Internet including the use of open source software. Some articles deal with making better use of computers, keeping personal information safe, hardware and software, and issues about the Internet in general.

Linux has gained much momentum in the battle of supremacy for the operating system of choice among users of desktop and laptop computers. The search behemoth Google has sponsored the development of Android, a mobile gadget operating system that is based on a Linux foundation. There is a flowering of free Linux distributions most notable of which are Puppy Linux, Parted Magic, and Linux Mint. I have written a few articles regarding this topic and have posted them in this website.

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our complex world where we have to make the best use of information in overcoming the challenges that we face daily. Hence, there are articles that shows how to make best use of the hardware and software features of mobile phones.

I trace my computer experience back in the days of old behemoths like UNIVAC and IBM mainframes. I write to help people better understand the computer and the Internet and use computer and Internet products and services wisely to improve their lives.

This site presents my more technically-oriented write-ups. My personal web at deals with the more for fun and not so serious topics.

I hold a degree in journalism and a professional diploma on information technology. I'm looking for work opportunities on technical writing and this web site serves as my works portfolio on topics dealing with  computers and the Internet.

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